Sjöö Sandström @ Swedish Independent Watchmaker Landed in Hong Kong

Sjöö Sandström is a Swedish independent watchmaker based in Stockholm and now arrived in Hong Kong. Watches from Sjöö Sandström are assembled with a combination of handicraft and high technology in the company workshop in the most historical part of Stockholm. The story of Sjöö Sandström begins in 1986 when the two engineers Christer Sjöö and Mikael Sandström established Sjöö Sandström Sweden AB. Years of labour was put into development and in 1989 the two friends came up with the Chronolink concept. Two things Swedish with a great reputation abroad were incorporated in this concept: high quality steel and the Swedish Defence Industry. Sjöö and Sandström would not settle for anything but perfect and eight years went by before the first Chronolink was presented to the market.
 In 1993 Sjöö Sandström made their debut on the exclusive watch market with the Automatic or Series 1, a model produced in only 1,000 numbered pieces. Two years later Sjöö Sandström were given the award Excellent Swedish Design and also launched their first ladies’ watches. In 1996 the Royal Steel collection was introduced and the first of these watches was presented as a gift to the king of Sweden for his 50th birthday the same year.
 The Chronolink Worldtimer was released in December 1997. The extensive development efforts paid off as the Chronolink was considered one of the most accurate electronic watches in the world. Determined not to be satisfied with this success, Sjöö Sandström continued their improvements of the Chronolink. In 1999 they presented a model with a chronometer certified mechanical movement. This watch is generally held to be one of the few successful combinations of a mechanical movement, quartz technology and clamshell design in the world.
 In 2001 Sjöö Sandström launched the Ocean Race Chronograph, appointed as the “official watch” of the Volvo Ocean Race. This is one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive digital watches. One of the latest models from Sjöö Sandström is the Royal Steel Extreme Black. It features a 44 mm diameter case made from high-grade stainless steel and a transparent engraved case-back. Physical vapor deposition technology is used extensively to produce the unique finish of the watch. The Royal Steel Extreme Black model also differentiates from other Sjöö Sandström chronographs through its circular window for displaying the date.
 The Latest collection includes the Landsort 459 m was developed in cooperation with divers from the Swedish Navy. Named after the deepest point of the Baltic Sea, the Landsort depth located south of Stockholm, each watch is crafted by the watchmakers at the workshop in Stockholm's Old Town.

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