Cartier New Sunglasses Collection @ The Santos De Cartier

Rivoli EyeZone Presents the all new Cartier's Santos De Cartier Sunglasses collection that is designed for a man who loves to move forward. He radiates unmistakable strength, shares his convictions, and is never short on daring. Everything is a question of perspective for this lover of detail, who finds the confidence to guide him across the world within the flawless design of the Santos de Cartier sunglasses. Aviator style or rectangular, featuring a double bridge enhanced with a touch of tortoiseshell, and lenses that are brown, grey, polarised and graduated, or adorned with a slight flash coating. This is an eyewear collection conceived to define a way of being: a matter of curiosity, a question of desire. The special limited edition collection is available at Rivoli EyeZone stores.

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