45R SS2017 Collection

45SS2017 Collection is all about ocean and flowers, reflecting the lively landscape of sea and mountain during the blooming season. 45R adheres to their design philosophy and strives for superior quality craftsmanship and materials as always.

Based on different collection needs, we collect premium natural materials and explore traditional technique around the world. By incorporating all these elements together with brand value of luxury vintage, we create unique designs.

To align with the brand’s core identity of Luxury Vintage, some pioneering yet luxurious fabrics namely Washi tweed and Shantung silk are used and crafted into effortless seasonal offerings with retro elegance.

4mm thick Washi strips has been Indigo dyed into varied color tones, and delicately woven into light weighted tweed by specialized craftsman. This updated range looks refreshingly fun and with exquisite hint of 45R.

Ai Linen Denim series is made with precious Selvedge linen denim fabric which is woven in India by power loom machine and in result possesses a handcrafted texture. With hand-stitched trims, the collection is even more authentic and delicate.

Flowering vine, stripes and paisley patterns are derived from blooming florals which can be widely seen across mountain over the season, these varied patterns have been deliberately arranged into the same design to create the refreshing Flower Patchwork range. Meanwhile, Gima Knit Floral Pattern is the gima knit version of Flower Patchwork, where the patterns are seen separately on knitwear.

The Cornflower Patch series featured Cornflower, the flower which symbolized happiness. Dimensional textured floral motif has been created on cotton fabric with rare opal printing technique, a reflection of exquisite craftsmanship. Every delicate floral pattern has been embroidered with 10 different colored threads, and adorned on the neutral tone cotton fabric, in creation of this comfy chic Brush Flower Embroidery collection. Soft yet sturdy linen duck canvas was processed by hand beating, and transformed into a range of outers and bottoms that fit for current climate.

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