KENT & CURWEN FW2015 Ad Campaign

KENT & CURWEN FW2015 Ad Campaign was shot in White Cliffs of Dover, one of the most recognizable landmarks in England. The brand invited fashion photographer and film director, Sebastian Faena to shoot for this season’s campaign video.

Having rich experience in capturing different moments of celebrities and models, Faena has also shot Lady Gaga and Celine Dion with his camera.  Simon Nessman and Imogen Waterhouse, who were from British Columbia and New York respectively, acted as the cast of the video.

Being one of the most popular male models in the world, Nessman topped the list of Sexiest Men and Top Icon Men on Models.com.

Playing the role of love of Nessman’s life, Imogen Waterhouse was also listed as one the most irresistible women by Tatler.

The White Cliffs of Dover embodied the Britishness of the brand and the outdoors. The sea collided with the cliffs, marrying the outdoor life and the freshness of the English countryside.

Nessman and Waterhouse spent a romantic weekend together, guided by their curiosity and charged by their courage, they explored the White Cliffs and created different romantic and effortless scenes that were true to Kent & Curwen’s brand DNA.  The campaign is completed by a unique piece of background music written exclusively for Kent & Curwen, echoing with the new perspective defined by the brand.

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