FENDI Pre Fall 2015 Collection

 FENDI Prefall 2015 Collection plays on twists like tradition and experimentation, sports and sophistication, graphic elements and refined femininity, adding even more strength and character to the FENDI woman of the next season. Constantly renewed, the stylistic codes of the collection strengthen the Maison’s DNA , masterfully orchestrated both aesthetically and in terms of the most exclusive savoir-faire.

Graphic lines and geometric shapes recall a piano’s decrescendo as well as the rigorous patterns featured on military blankets, blend harmoniously with the orchid, the new FENDI signature. Oversize coats take shape from the blanket inspiration, refined by striped jersey and leather inserts but with an unexpected softness of the fabrics.

Fur is sublimated through the uniqueness of the highest craftsmanship and techniques. The meticulous inlaying and sculpting of mink recreate the orthogonal graphics and polychromatic prints of the fabrics in a hyper-realistic way. This is recreated through vibrant three-dimensional weaves on leather overcoats as light and mellow as silk. Patterns, lit-up by purple, red and forest green shades, permeate the weaves of the fabric, the inlays and sculptings of the fur and the surprising fox fur crests of the collars.

For the day, the big fox-trimmed Bag Bugs eyes give a new twist to sweaters, to a leather biker jacket and to a fun shearling bomber jacket. In the evening these tiny lucky charms transform into precious micro crystal and sequin decorations to illuminate the mini jacket and the long black dress as well as the short powder pink dress, elegantly paired with the ton sur ton  “cioccolatino” mink biker jacket with a gold lining.

The Collection reinforces its relationship with the Icons. The Peekaboo bag features a new orthogonal graphic print highlighted by a multi-coloured palette and, in its ultra luxurious version, a precious inlay in green and black mink. On the other hand, the medium size Peekaboo features infinite chromatic shades. The Baguette is presented as a jewel featuring macro crystal decorations that, in the By the Way, let the croco tail shine.

Stripes and geometries are reshaped by the bags’ spines colored in contrasting shades. Precious embroideries and inlays permeate the 3Baguette, while the new day version of the bag features functional top-handle and shoulder straps. The materials and color palette are extremely wide and elegant, especially for the mini and micro Baguette, Peekaboo and By the Way.

The fun Bag Bugs eyes are back on the Baguette, DemiJours, Petite 2Jours bags - and on their mini versions –but also on micro and macro sheepskin and rocker studded backpacks, pervading the universe of accessories, by embellishing scarves, gloves and hats. Charms and micro-charms, bright and sparkling like the shining costume jewelry, sumptuous yet minimal, give a fun and  glamorous touch to the collection.

Boots and ankle boots enhance the silhouette’s lines and harmoniously follow the color palette of the collection, alternating more classic and vibrant hues. The croco tails, often lit-up by crystals, become a stylish trademark on shoes, while fur joins sneakers for a surprising yet fun effect!

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