FENDI 2015 Fashion Show Sunglasses

FENDI 2015 Fashion Show Sunglasses inspired by the exotic orchids embroidered on the new ready-to-wear and accessory collection, these sunglasses are a declaration of femininity and sensuality.

As an orchid that blossoms in a mix of colors and shapes, the Orchidea sunglasses is a stunning interplay between two frames floating and blending together, in a geometric overlapping of layers and colors.

The oversize translucent butterfly shape features colorful cat-eye acetate, inserts outlining the eyes: the dazzling result of a skillful handsome craftsmanship, emphasized by architectural contrasts between smooth lines and sharp edges, with flat metal temples in refined enamel colors.

The palette includes beautiful combinations of transparent and vivid shades, recalling the colors of the subtle orchids, the new iconic decor of the Maison: crystal with black, khaki with pink, beige with burgundy, turquoise with white.

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