HIGHLAND PARK Introduces ODIN Concludes Valhalla Collection

Highland Park concludes its much anticipated whisky of its Valhalla collection of 217 years of excellence with the introduction of Odin, the divine patron of rulers. Direct from the gates of Valhalla, Odin joined the thundery Thor, the shape-shifting Loki and the beautiful Freya to complete Highland Park’s Valhalla Collection.

Daryl Haldane, the Global Brand Advocate for Highland Park, was in Hong Kong specially for the event to introduce the whisky named after the King of Asgard himselfAccording to legend, Odin is the strongest of all the Norse gods and is driven by an unquenchable thirst for wisdom. By sacrificing an eye for a drink from the Well of Wisdom, he earned immeasurable knowledge and insight. With only one eye that blazes like the sun, the All-father cuts an ominous figure.

Creating a single malt to reflect the dominant characteristics of Odin was no easy feat but Highland Park distillery rose to the challenge. The whisky inspires the distillery’s signature Orcadian style with a breath of Nordic legend, resulting in an undeniably powerful 16-year-old single malt with Highland Park’s trademark sweet and gentle smoky peat aromas.

Gerry Tosh, Global Marketing Manager, provided an insight on the whisky. “Odin, like its namesake, is an intense, powerful and complex whisky. Bottled at 55.8% ABV, it certainly lives up to the legend, a bold single malt higher in strength than Thor, Loki and Freya. In Odin, we have been able to add the final flourish to the Valhalla Collection, a stunning series of remarkable whiskies that offer affordability and exclusive collectability.”

“Now that Odin has joined the ranks of the other gods in the Valhalla Collection, the first chapter in this series is complete. However, the Norse legends of old may still offer us future intrigues.”  Only 17,000 bottles were released globally, with a very limited quantity allocated to Hong Kong and Macau. This limited edition whisky comes housed in the same distinctive award winning wooden frame of Thor, Loki and Freya that echoes the fearsome contours of a traditional Viking long ship. The bottle itself reflects Odin’s character – dark and imperfect and slightly battle worn.

Tasting Notes: 
Highland Park ODIN / 16 years old / 55.8% ABV

Vivid burst of sunlight

This intense whisky possesses a fierce spice. 
Cinnamon bark and nutmeg rise from Odin’s spirit. Behind the spice, toasted walnuts smoulder with pulsating explosions of smoke. 
Odin cuts an ominous figure and this whisky is no different.

A huge, powerful palate draws on the complexity of Odin’s character. 
Layers of peat uncover thousands of years of wisdom. 
Dense oak combines with rich charred walnuts.

Throughout is a subtle sweetness, sharing the knowledge of well-seasoned sherry wines. Plums and soft fruit disappear into the dark as the peaty embers glow into a smoky finale.

The Valhalla Collection is an exciting range of whiskies which offers Highland Park fans both affordability and collectability. Highland Park’s signature smoky and peaty aromas are manifested according to the character of the Norse god for which the whisky represents. 

The collection includes:
THOR – 16 year old single malt, 52.1% ABV
LOKI – 15 year old single malt, 48.7% ABV
FREYA – 15 year old single malt, 51.2% ABV
ODIN – 16 year old single malt, 55.8% ABV

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