DK Cuppa Tea Presents“Journey To Wonderland” Afternoon Tea Set

Afternoon tea or high tea is such a pleasing ritual to many foodies in Hong Kong but if you are opt for something unique and with a little therapeutic ritual and reading inclusive, DK Cuppa Tea takes you to a “Journey to Wonderland”. mylifestylenews discovers this little aroma therapeutic little cafes in Sheung Wan……

Run by the creative certified therapist Kat Lai, DK Cuppa Tea is another hidden wellness spot for you especially when you enjoy the aromatherapy mood and scents fills the air once you step in to this little corner store behind the Western Market in Sheung Wan.

Kat Lai enjoys playing a couple roles by presenting different dramatic ideas apply onto her food and beverage creativity. From writing her own “script”, she does play the director role and take the lead act by adding a dramatic twist into her performance at her very own playground. Her latest project is the ‘Journey to Wonderland” afternoon tea set inspired by Tim Burton’s movie – Alice in Wonderland.

The tea set comprises of five senses on a “Journey to Wonderland”. Just like Alice in her Wonderland, the journey will start with "Drink Me" - a secret potion that won't make you shrink, but become magical before your eyes; you will pick up a butterfly card to start your own Oraculum that writes your own journey.

The card is attached to a Spell, you need to read your spell OUT LOUD and burn it on the Truffle Mushroom cheese fondue to take off your journey. The spells will scent and color the fondue. The fondue comes with a wide selection of seafood for dipping delicacies, such as scallops, cocktail shrimp, mussels, smoked salmon and French Escargot. For more, they will prepare a slow cooked potato duo, Parma ham, salami and cheddar cheese to lead the way.

The Eye-Catching "Eat Me" Dessert brings you the end of your journey.  The Jasmine flavor in the dessert represents "Create", "Wish" and "Harmony".  They are right there begging you to "Eat Me! Eat Me!": Jasmine Cup Cake, Jasmine Poker Cookies, Jasmine Rabbit Macaroons as well as Chocolate Truffle Pops and Rose-shaped Dark Chocolates.

This unique experience is quite captivating especially for your first time visit. The quality of all the ingredients were very high and well prepared and executed, as we thoroughly enjoyed the tastes of each and every part of our wonderland journey.

In fact, the pastry chef created some delectable tastes that were just as good as some we have sampled in luxury hotels, so there is no compromise here, plus the attention to detail in the all the decorating on the sweet dessert and pastry items are absolutely charming.

The choice of chinaware comes with a fantasy theme is spot on and helps to get you into the spirit of things. The ambience may not be as inviting as other high tea options, but the quality of ingredients is there. DK Cuppa Tea is an absolute alternative to begin a fantasy “Journey to Wonderland”. Caution! Find your way out!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 3/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Value For Money: 3/5

Eat Me Dessert

19, New Market Street
Sheung Wan Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2386 3588

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