Vivienne Westwood SS2017 Andreas Kronthaler For Vivienne Westwood Collection

"This collection began with Rosita who is Italian and has produced our work for many years. Her spirit aspires always to give me what I’m after, to bring it to fruition. I love the sea as much as the Italians and it is through her that I made the Mediterranean world my source of inspiration for this season". Said Andreas Kronthaler.

"Iris helped me to develop a cutting system where we looked at Matisse cut-outs; so much of his work centers on the Mediterranean. We applied his body shapes to the mannequin and stitched them together with bands of fabric sewn in between to give form.

 Next comes my Yasmine: we collaborated on the swimwear; she is Parisian and makes lingerie. We spend our holidays at the sea together and no one knows better how to wear a bikini on the beach, if she does wear one. I love the light, the simplicity, the waves.Then comes my Sabina who I have known forever – she helps me style the collection and bring it to order and occasionally gives me a slap on my bum to keep me at it.

Now Vivienne, whom I admire and love. We have made thousands of decisions together and learn from each other. Greenpeace gave her a square of fabric, taken from the first Rainbow Warrior which was sunk in a battle with the authorities. It was of such blue, I took it from her. At last I tell of my mother who encouraged and indulged me and from childhood sought my opinion and collaboration for everything she chose."

Europa - the goddess who gave her name to our continent. I am proud to work within the tradition of this great civilization. I know that we build civilization by cooperation and friendship and this is how I see my life. I see England as part of Europe, so does Vivienne. In the collection, England’s contribution is the tailoring – Unisex.

Jewellery – I have taken from the iconography of Europe’s beautiful Christian churches- nails, fingers, hands; and from its pagan source, the Greek phallus.

Hats - A bit of a Rococo boy as you can see from your invitation, Boucher’s Rape of Europa which currently lives in the Louvre (it reads 112- the cross- European emergency number) – the hats have rolled around in the heat of scorched grass. They belong to Arcadian shepherds and shepherdesses and scarecrows, mice would live in them.

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