Saffron Restaurant Banyan Tree Phuket @ A Long-Standing Thai Dining Favorite

Saffron is a long-standing dining favorite in Banyan Tree Phuket and is not only known for its in house guests and the residences of the Phuket Laguna’s “city within a city” living concept, this signature Thai restaurant in the resort brings Thai-inspired delicacies to the next refined dining level. mylifestylenews writes.

Almost an open air concept, Saffron retains its classic warm wood charm with a nostalgic style interior and the high ceilings not only creating an open and spacious ambience but also bringing in the light gentle cool breeze from the close by Andaman Sea passing through the lake especially when you dine in the evening during the rainy season.

Heavy wooden chairs and dining tables surrounds the central island bar slash serving station with pots of golden lotus plants on the edge that makes the central attraction when you step into Saffron. A less casual dress code is required for you to compliment the dining experience, if you have missed out to dress for the occasion; there is a pair of dark color semi-formal traditional Thai “fisherman style” fine cotton/linen pants for you to remain laidback while enjoying your well-deserved evening dinner plans. Not that we are complaining but with such a thoughtful gesture and doing the right thing is also showing the respect to yourself and others.

A Table for two by the window overlooking the outdoor water feature

Beside choosing what is already on those tempting dishes to order from the menu in Saffron, we advise you also be more open minded when it comes to the Chef’s daily recommendation from his additional creations. Not so much of a Japanese Omakase style of delivering but it is worth asking what’s there to pamper your palette and be prepared to get spoilt for choice.

Dining in Saffron is to savor the delightful favorites of Thai inspired dishes and to taste a range of Far Eastern dishes and Asian wellness cuisine combined with exotic herbs, roots and spices made in the time-honored tradition using original recipes tested by time and taste as well as to promise your palate gastronomic pleasure.

Such authentic Thai inventive cuisine is intrinsic to the Saffron dining experience. We kicked off with some rice crackers with three different dips as part of the appetizer followed by the “usual suspect” of Tom Yum Goong which we already informed the wait staff to pass on the “Mai Phet Mai Aroi” & “Khun Thai” message to the Chef which literally means to do it in a Thai way and not spicy will not be tasty enough and it generally turns out to be what you we are looking for in every genuine Thai meal we craved.

Saffron is a traditional Thai restaurant with a menu that can be described as Traditionally Thai with a hint of surprise by an added twist. You may get to try a bit of everything from all the different regions’ specialties in Thailand with a generous portion of serving on each dish. New dishes are added to the menu from time to time in keeping the whole experience exciting.

*Goong Sarong Buer Tod
Deep Fried prawns wrapped in Crispy Noodles.
This appetizer is one of those super instagramable dishes. With Saffron’s presentation, it will gives you a wow eyes wide opened factor when it comes to the table. This dish is usually accompanied by a chili sauce to dip the prawns in but in Saffron, it goes beyond the norm. A zesty mango chutney is the best alternative option to elevate this creation.

*Pla Neung Manao
Steamed Seabass with Garlic, Chili and Lime Juice
This is our all time favorite when comes to ordering a fish dish in Thai cuisine. The plum meaty sea bass is filleted into in big serving here instead of the entire fish with the head steamed together in a sauce or more like a soup made with lots of fresh lime juice, garlic and chilies and lined with a bed of Thai celery leaves. This sour, spicy, zingy and marvelously garlicky dish is well balanced in taste, if lacking any of thesse ingredients, this fish dish will lead you to a disappointment. This refreshing Thai dish really portrays the contrast and excitement of the common flavors in Thai food.

*Thong Muan Sod Maprao Onn I-tim Mamuang 
Deep Fried Wrapped Sticky Rice with Mango & Homemade coconut Ice Cream 
Unlike the normal sticky rice served over the sweet and fresh juicy mango, the sticky rice was wrapped with rice paper and deep fried to get the right crispiness, more like a spring roll motif with rice in it and best paired with this light creamy natural aromatic coconut ice cream. Honestly, this can also be served as two separate deserts as the ice cream is something you won’t want to end by enjoying every morsel of it.

We were told that Phad Thai Goong Sod served with giant and meaty ocean prawns is quite an outstanding dish in Saffron as well as their curry dishes. We promised the chef that we will come back for these on our next visit in the future for the experience glorious bursts of succulent flavor with every divine bite. Our evening was in very good hands of the culinary master in Saffron to enliven our taste buds and not forgetting the sublime service with a very warm smile which is mainly being forgotten in most of Thailand’s hospitality that we had encountered recently. Saffron has something to offer for an authentic Thai dining night out for you to savor the best in Thai cuisine. This gem in its truest sense will guarantee you they are surely not a tourist trap restaurant and excite you to come back for more.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

33, 33/27 Moo 4, Srisoonthorn Road
Cherngtalay, Amphur Talang
Phuket, Thailand
Tel: +66 7673 2400
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