Bell & Ross Introduces BRS NOVAROSA Women's Watch

Paradoxically, women’s models are the ones that reach the highest heights: the recent BR S Diamond Eagle led women on a voyage to the stars. Like a miniature Milky Way on the wrist, its dark blue dial features the Aquila or Eagle Constellation formed by scintillating diamonds. This chic model met with great success. Now, Bell & Ross enriches its family of stellar watches with a new collection for women, which is just as heavenly. The seductive and glamorous BR S Novarosa is inspired by the pink hues of Supernovae, the stars that explode in the vastness of space. It comprises three highly refined models that feature the BR S case, the smallest of the square watches. The design reinterprets the brand’s iconic model by introducing precious features that will delight women. The stunning pink of the dial evokes the explosion of a supernova that reveals a striking pink halo. These timepieces are true jewels of the watchmaker’s art.

Continuing the voyage to the stars of the BR S Diamond Eagle, the BR S Novarosa takes its name from a rare and spectacular astronomical event: the explosion of a star. This occurs when it reaches the latter stages of its life. It starts shining very brightly before exploding in an enormous cloud of dust. The shock waves are big enough to encompass an entire galaxy, which typically contains around 100 billion stars. This extraordinary phenomenon can last several hours. It is estimated that the star releases the same amount of energy produced by the Sun over thousands of years. These supernovae are some of the brightest phenomena of the universe and only two or three occur each century. Despite such rare occurrence and the difficulty in observing them from the earth, they astound and amaze those who have the chance to witness them.

For this new family of contemporary watches with a refined design, Bell & Ross chose the evocative name «Novarosa.». This neologism can be unpacked as follows : First comes the prefix “nova”, taken from supernova, the stars that illuminate the sky with unparalleled brightness at the end of their life. Next, the delicate suffix “rosa”, a tribute to the most feminine color. No matter the tone of pink cotton candy, pale, dusky or fuchsia, it is synonymous of seduction and romance. It is also the color of ingenuity, sensitivity, candor and purity. Finally, the expression “la vie en rose”, life through rose-tinted spectacles, evokes an existence filled with happiness and pleasure. Bell & Ross has chosen this color for the dials of the three watches, which are subtly decorated with a “deep sunray” pattern.  Lastly, “rosa” recalls the stardust caused by the explosion of a supernova, which often takes on this hue. This mysterious cloud sometimes regenerates and triggers the formation of a new star.

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