L’OCCITANE Huiles D'Olivier Shampoo

L’OCCITANE Huiles D'Olivier Shampoo formulated without silicone and won’t weigh down your hair. What’s left is ultra-soft, supple hair smelling like a Provençal breeze. Plus, its premium design will look great in any shower. A real pleasure of the senses! The olive tree is a marvel of nature. Fascinated by its astonishing properties and unbelievable strength, L'Occitane have harvested its power for its new NOURISHING hair care range. Designed for very dry and highly damaged hair, the rich and creamy texture brings your hair the goodness it needs. Voluptuous and supple, your hair is like a sun kissed by the Provence day. On top of genetic factors, dryness is also caused by cold weather and excessive styling. The new nourishing products were designed specifically for highly dry hair that can look brittle, lifeless, and dull. They protect your hair from damage, so you can have shiny, beautiful hair while styling it as you wish.

It would seem that there are only three oils up to the challenge of penetrating hair fiber to repair hair from the inside out. Even better: when you add that nourishing power to the olive leaf oil, also known for its content of oleuropein, a polyphenol that helps to protect against external aggressions, it is as if you get an unstoppable formula like on its nourishing range that strengthens and protects dry and highly damaged hair fiber. The olive tree’s robust root systems can survive even if the rest of the tree dies, rising from the ashes into new fruit-bearing trees.  Washing can be rough on dry hair, stripping it of natural lipids and leaving it brittle to the touch. Thanks to its creamy and soft texture, the Nourishing Shampoo reverses all that damage, nourishing the hair fibre as it removes excess oil. Scalp is like soothed, hair is softer. Shiny, supple, your mane is just like its beloved olive tree: majestic.

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