Roger Vivier SS2017 Urban Nomadic Presentation

This SS2017 season, Vivier woman is ready to travel, and with her comes her unique sense of luxury and sophistication. Parisienne at her soul, she is multicultural and deeply connected to the world around her. She mixes with aplomb influences from near and far and is just as at ease in Ibiza as she is in Paris while deftly playing with traditional codes day and night dressing.

Podium - The gold tinged palette of a sweeping desert has inspired the warm hues of the soft yet intensely shaded leathers in this collection. “Like they have been ever so slightly faded by the sun,” explains Bruno Frisoni, creative director of the house. Colors like purple shadow, natural green, iris blue and youth dew help to imbue this collection with a sense of glamorous delicacy. The heroine of this story is the flash of light that changes height to set the stride for the day, sliding up and down to hit the perfect pace. The metal of the Podium sandal for SS2017, which Bruno Frisoni uses to revisit a Vivier heel from the 1960s, is a new concept of dynamic light. High for daytime or vice versa, for ultimate freedom. Like the revolutionary decade honoured by Podium, bringing back the atmosphere of those years when women stepped down from heels and from conventions to opt for a blend of styles. Podium becomes the metallic signature used to rethink the glamour of iconic sixties beauties, who, atop the few inches of new eccentric heights, would dance all night long their avant-garde swing. The modernity of Podium, in the version intentionally limited to 7 cm, spans decades, days and engagements to the beat of any occasion, graced with an ankle ribbon, a round buckle and sensual curves. But its the same Podium that changes your whole attitude, when instead it stretches into the more assertive height of 9.5 cm, transforming into a steel flash that celebrates the day by giving way to the night. The new Podium, already a must-have from the Roger Vivier summer, comes in black, ecru or nude leather, embroidered denim, optical print or Garden Collage, featuring a Guipure leather pattern and ribbon ending in a black bow at the ankle of this sensual open-toe low boot.

Viv’ Cabas
As a key visual expression of this urban nomadic attitude, Roger Vivier introduces the new Viv’ Cabas, a bag that can be worn any time of the day or night. It is simply the way it is worn, on the shoulder or over the arm, which instantly changes its allure. Viv' Cabas embodies the light of the upcoming spring, even reflecting the zodiac with its new, slightly trapezoid shape, like the stars in the Leo constellation. This geometry of light rises in the east after sunset to announce the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere. Also in this subtle trapezoid form, broad and sensual, is the Viv' Cabas bag, featuring the iconic Roger Vivier buckle with its feminine curve to embrace the emotions of summer. Its ideal proportions mean that Viv' Cabas can be either hand-held or carried in a cross-body mode, depending on the attitude and the age, preferably inside out.  Just follow it, from one appointment or continent to the next, through days and generations, in all its forms. Available in denim with Garden Collage embroidery in the hands of a young aristocratic woman or with the flouncy fringe worn over the shoulder of a busy working one. This transversal, contemporary bag blends elegance, luxury and desires through both the hours of the day and night-time dreams. The Garden Collage printed fabric used in this collection cheerfully plays with paradoxical images pulled from pop art, native flowers and classic British gardens. Its eclectic charm instantly gives the Viv’, Viv’ Cabas, Podium sandal, the Photocall bag or the evening envelope clutch a poetical and irreverent chic, a masterful and paradoxical elegance. Not unlike the graphic black and white optical power of the sixties inspired print.

Guipure has a central role in this new collection. Frisoni uses it in a way that plays with the codes of luxe and femininity and leaves room for all sorts of audacious and sassy styles. There is the sensual Skin Guipure, laser cut with water, to create venturesome thigh high boots, ankle boots with vertiginous Vivier “Sin” heels and the new Podium sandals. Then there is Romantic Guipure which has been created through the embroidery of metallic thread on leather or through cotton embroidery woven onto hessian.

It makes for a whimsical counterpoint to the strass buckle of the iconic Sneaky Viv’. The cut-out leather details almost seem to move, like palm fronds at sunset. Guipure that look like flowers and that stand out against coloured leather, denim or toile de jute: breath-taking crafts embroidery that gives a sensation of freshness on the Rabat sandals and beloved Sneaky Viv'.

The richness of nature, cut-out on the Viv' Cabas, embracing the Photocall bag with cotton Romantic guipure and defining the Pilgrim hessian clutch, is modern-day hypnosis, lit up by the iconic rhinestone strass  buckle. Bold and decisive, the floral flow of Skin Guipure: wicked embroidery dresses the very high-heeled Sin ankle boots and breathes sensuality into the Podium heeled sandals in a new game of leather seduction.

Slidy Viv’
Building on the success of the Sneaky Viv’ this season Vivier is introducing a new member to its sophisticated yet street-luxe family – the Slidy Viv’. Emerging from water for a beach look, or effortlessly for an urban lifestyle, Slidy Viv' sandal will charm thanks to its shimmering style. Whether sea breeze or metropolitan luxury, Slidy Viv' defines the Roger Vivier summer with a double rhinestone buckle perched on the two-tone rubber sole. Available in a myriad of different shades of leather, in both matte and metallic finishes and even in transparent PVC, it is topped off with white guipure lace. To complete the playful look two signature Vivier strass buckles adorn the sides of the slide. The Slidy Viv’ is a joyfully upbeat, modern and much beloved addition to the house.

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