Louis Vuitton New Rolling Luggage

 Louis Vuitton launches an innovative new range of rolling trunks for the 21st century traveller designed by Marc Newson. The trunk has at its core, a new type of self-reinforced polypropylene composite, essentially representing the structure of the trunk, moulded in a mesh matrix of several layers. Its exceptionally thin, lightweight and elastic characteristics can absorb shocks. Louis Vuitton’s emblematic Monogram canvas has been expressly developed for the luggage in a new ultra light weight, a reduction of almost 50%, without compromising the original characteristics. The anodised aluminium extendable cane has been relocated outside from within the trunk, adding both structure and strength, as well as substantially increasing the all important interior packing space, removing entirely the awkward bumps and ridges normally associated with internal cane mechanisms and leaving in useful space in its place. Additional innovations include a new transversal side hinge that is built-in within the structure of the trunk itself, just like Louis Vuitton’s traditional hard trunks, allowing for 180 degree opening. The ultra-slim aluminium 3-digit combination zip-pull lock system is TSA approved and integrated with a single zipper pull, designed to reduce weight and avoid the usual stress points with double zip pulls in luggage. Four miniature wheels, engineered to be as silent as possible offering 360 degree movement, ensuring smooth and stable manoeuvring. Just like one of Vuitton’s historic trunks, the trunk’s corners are covered in natural cowhide leather as are the handles, studied to offer maximum comfort when in use and minimum volume when out of use.

‘What compelled me to join forces with Louis Vuitton was the challenge to design a great piece of luggage, because like a lot of people, I travel a lot and I feel that I am in many ways kind of uniquely placed to be able to do that, as a consumer more so than a designer’, says Marc Newson. ‘I think it’s safe to say that we’re striving to break new ground in terms of developing a product which is one of the lightest on the market, and from a technical perspective is one of the most rigorously designed and engineered’, says Marc Newson. The designer adds ’ I’m obsessive about packing everything into a bag of a certain size which is why it was so important for me to design a product that could tick all of those boxes and be the kind of the perfect piece of luggage for a person like me, that travels and won’t travel with anything more than is absolutely necessary.” The 18 months of development resulted in an increase internal volume of 15% percent compared to a similar sized trunk with the traditional internal mounted cane, and an unparalleled 37-litre capacity in the cabin size. Lightweight, strong and resistant, the trunk weighs a mere 2.7 kilos for the 50 version and 3 kilos for the cabin size, excluding the inside elements.These innovations have resulted in three new patent applications, all pending at press time, respectively covering the zip-pull lock system, an ultra-thin titanium layer bonded to the polypropylene composite shell, and the external full-width extendable cane. The trunks come with a protective cover for use when checking in, an interior removable x strap and a removable mesh screen divider panel. A special range of additional accessories have been created that include a briefcase with a special strap to attach to the trunk, a padded computer sleeve, an accessories pouch, a set of 2 washable shoe pouches and a garment cover. The trunk has luggage tag and accessory pouch can be personalised. The trunk is produced in Monogram canvas, Monogram Eclipse, Damier Graphite, Taiga leather, in natural cowhide leather and a rainbow of 7 colours of Epi leather. In 2017, the only rolling luggage with a laser-engraved monogram titanium finish will be added to the collection. The trunk comes in two cabin sizes, 50 (50 x 35 x 20 cm) and 55 (55 x 39 x 21 cm). A check-in size 70 will come later on.

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