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Getting off the beaten track with the Hong Kong restaurant scene is not that difficult to do these day as there is always some hidden gems to be discovered. Following the success of WineBeast wine store, Le Bistro Winebeast , McGregor Street which is now know as Le Café has a new home. The newly opened 3000sqf Le Bistro Winebeast Restaurant & Wine Shop attempts to deliver the traditional French bistro cuisine to the neighborhood. By mylifestylnews.

Tucked away on the other side of Thomson Road towards to the east side of Hong Kong island, this contemporary French bistro lead by Chef Johan Ducroquet for his second year heating up his Hong Kong’s kitchen designed a monthly changing twisted menu (potentially) with selected wine pairing specializes from the French Terroir, Spanish regional and eco-friendly wines  in their very own store.

The entrance Le Bistro Winebeast Restaurant & Wine Shop may not be as appealing as many other well elevated French bistros or restaurant in Hong Kong. The narrow street frontage wine store with the high stairway leads you to upstairs airy dining area. The well spaced out dining tables and the warm lighting ambience with more wines are displayed along this “open cellar” dining hall.

Chef Ducroquet’s latest crated menu 4-course tasting menu with selected wine pairing is trying hard to please every diner’s palette. A Frapas (French Tapas) platter with three selection includes a refreshing <Melon Gazpacho> served with grissini, bread sticks and smoked ham. <Munster Cheese in Feuille de Brick> A well put together dish with brick pastry, rocket salad, red onion that created delicate flavors (the cheese was not too strong) and am eye-catching presentation.

<Beef Tartare> Despite the beef is a little too chunky and chewy, it is quite tasty and well seasoned with smoked chili, red onion, pickles, basil, coriander when it is well mixed before taking the bite. Paired with the Larmandier-Brenier Rose de saignee Champagne, we found that this is rather less complimenting all three starters with such herbal, nutty, wild earth aromas and mid flavored with some red fruit character.

<Seabass Tartare>
The marmalade and horseradish create an extreme tartness which over-rides the sea bass flavor. Paired with the biodynamic field blend of Alsace’s Binner Les Saveurs 2014, this fresh floral note with a slight spritz upon opening once ripe.

<Seared Tuna>
Mango and ginger flavors provided a good counterpoint to the richness of the tuna, plus the perfectly seared foie gras created a contrasting rich texture. The vinegar component was a bit overpowering and the cut of tuna was very veined, so did not cut easily. We did send back for a fresh serve. Paired with Pierre Damoy Bourgogne 2011 with generous fruit with a nice density but quite unexciting for a Clos de Beze without must detail and length.

<Braised Beef Cheek>
Grilled new onions, horseradish jus, spring onion oil created an inventive combination in flavor. Paired with good structure and a nose of ripe fruit 2013 Bergerac la Coste du Moulin. 

<Grilled Chicken Leg> 
We added this dish on top of the 4 course tasting menu for further craving.  A well char-grilled mixed vegetable with black olive and eggplants puree served with reduced chicken jus. Quite an inviting dish!

<Veal Rump>
Another add-on. The veal was nicely cooked, but the meat texture was rough and did not cut easily. The mint was too overpowering, and the raspberry doesn’t seem blend in to the entire combination.

<Strawberry Sorbet>
The Strawberry Sorbet served on the side with Wasabi mascarpone and the Wasabi created some piquancy without being overpowering, while the sorbet was very tart without the discernible strawberry flavor. A good dish to end the meal.

The evening was not entirely successful. Some cuts of meat did not reach our expectations, making the rough meat difficult to cut. There were at least three dishes with raspberry as garnish by showing a little too lazy on the in the creativity department. The service team also lacked that switched on approach, not once were we asked how our food was and without much spirit and passion by offering a much more lifted hospitality.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 3.5/5
Design & Decor: 3/5
Food & Beverage: 3/5
Service: 2/5
Value For Money: 3/5
Experience: 2.5

Strawberry Sorbet

G/F &1/F Tai Yip Building
141, Thomson Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2782 6689

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