Dolce&Gabbana Radio Bag

The family of Dolce&Gabbana bags has added an original new Dolce Box with the classic flower on the clasp: the Dolce Radio Bag. Vaguely shaped like a 1980’s stereo radio, the new bag even plays music like a boom box when hooked up to a smartphone. #DGDolceradiobag is part of the Cruise 2017 accessories collection. The bag structure is made of solid maple wood, while the front was made using a 3D modeling technique that ensures an excellent definition of particulars and accurate details that are then painted by hand. The speakers, which work like real vintage stereos, are made of black lacquered resin and the hand-finished body is painted metallic silver. More special details such as the control buttons and logo are painted by hand, while the push-buttons are made of olive wood and resin. The bag is lined in black leather and has an electric plug that connects to portable devices that play music, which is amplified through the speakers. The classic vintage knob makes it possible to turn on the sound and adjust the volume. A special exclusive preview of the #DGDolceradiobag is available at select Dolce&Gabbana boutiques around the world and at www.dolcegabbana.it, starting June 2016.

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