EVISU Clan SS2016 Collection

EVISU Clan SS2016 collection continues to pay tribute to Japan, the origin of the brand. Digital floral print which symbolized Japanese cherry blossoms splashed across a variety of items including the souvenir jacket, low-rise shorts, pocket tees, shirts, etc. in men’s collection.

The highlighted 2008 regular fit selvedge denim jeans features a bold embroidered graphic in the rear, reinventing The Last Supper with Japanese god characters and “fight the karma” slogan, endorsed by EVISU Clan logo. To sharpen up your wardrobe, a pair of symmetric printed EVISU 2010 black denim is a must, featuring bold symmetric dotted seagull print across both panels and Kamon embroidered rear pockets.

Women’s collection references the revered samurai and the Japanese martial art, kendo. Longline silhouettes, voluminous shapes, and functional sportswear dominate the collection, while unique detailing and innovative fabric treatments add a modern touch to individual pieces.

Cut from premium cotton jersey, the EVISU white dress is adorned with a contrasting black seagull logo print embossed in tessellated EVISU pattern. An EVISU Clan tag is attached in the rear at the waistline on the right, while the EVISU clan logos are printed around the hem of the dress in black. Brand’s essence is full channelled by layering a piece of black EVISU print pleated mesh dress.

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