Emporio Armani SS2016 Summer Breeze Women Collection

 A gentle breeze. Air blows gently, moving lines and shadows. Subtle casualness runs through the new Emporio Armani SS2016 Women Collection, making it look as spontaneous as the simple act of tying a neck scarf.

A new feminine figure emerges: breaking out of the mould, she explores new ways of being and attitudes, using each outfit to express a different mood, shifting from the classic interplay of masculine and feminine towards a subtle yet determined form of grace.

Silhouettes are fluid and impalpable. She shows her legs, or reveals them through veils and transparencies. Small jackets are paired with Bermuda and cut-off shorts, boyfriend-fit duster coats and blazers with cigarette trousers.

Volumes are airy – see the soft, wide-legged trousers cropped at the calf. Tops, jackets and dresses are accented by asymmetrical cuts to create a sense of movement. Eveningwear features diaphanous, overlapping layers of different lengths. Surfaces come to life with dense patterns of hot-fix appliqué in the shape of flowers, branches and petals.

Fabrics have a firm yet light handle: cady, muslin, technical organza, and neoprene. The colour palette ranges from urban grey tones through to an organic array of natural, pale, and sunburnt shades, including flesh pink, cinnamon and peach. Metallic accents of pink gold punctuate and add a spirit of strength to the collection.

Accessories give an on-the-road feel: small and large bowling bags, backpacks, hobo bags, and peep-toe booties.

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