Vivienne Westwood X Andreas Kronthaler X Juergen Teller Exhibition

Vivienne Westwood, Andreas Kronthaler & Juergen Teller opened an exhibition of their work at the Vivienne Westwood flagship store over New York Fashion Week recently. Turning the six story French Beaux-Arts building into a gallery space, the exhibition explores the relationship between Vivienne, Andreas & Juergen since they started working together in the 90’s.

Marking pivotal campaigns, portraits & muses, political satire, editorials and art projects created by the trio, the photography is interspersed with set pieces and looks from archive campaigns and collections, placed as objects of interest throughout the space.

Inspiring the exhibition and published to mark the start of this touring exhibition, premiering in New York, a special edition book documents Teller’s extensive work with Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler, featuring campaigns and stories taken across a period of twenty years in one of fashion’s most iconic collaborations.

Published by InOtherWords, and designed and edited by OK-RM, the book has been produced in close collaboration with Juergen Teller, with many of the images published for the first time. The book avoids chronology, instead focusing on the power of the double page spread, highlighting the contrasts in this rich and eclectic body of work. The result is 258 pages of confrontational image combinations, arranged into a spontaneous flow.

“Juergen’s got something very rare, he’s got really good taste, and more than anything that makes him good at his work. Juergen somehow always manages to get the picture, he gets to the route of the matter every time when he takes a photograph.” -Vivienne Westwood.

“If Renoir arranges a vase of flowers he sometimes turns it around and paints it from the back. Juergen can do the same- it is this spontaneity which I love.” - Andreas Kronthaler  “For ten years I’m working with Vivienne and Andreas and every time I find it super exciting”
-Juergen Teller

Vivienne Westwood, Andreas Kronthaler & Juergen Teller
New York Exhibition September – November 2017
14 E. 55th Street. New York 10022

Vivienne Westwood, Andreas Kronthaler & Juergen Teller Book is available from: Vivienne Westwood New York, select Vivienne Westwood stores globally and a number of select stockists across Europe, USA & Asia.

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