PRADA Pre-Fall 2017 Advertising Campaign

PRADA Pre-Fall 2017 Advertising Campaign
In the intimacy and familiarity of a domestic setting, a series of ambiguous yet genuine encounters are captured between the new faces of Prada Pre-Fall 2017 - Selena Forrest, Kris Grikaite and Nina Gulien.

Encounters, the third installment of 365, reinterprets the Pre-Fall 2017 away from the runway. Instead, the models are captured at home - not theirs, not ours, but some home, a vision of privacy and intimacy with truth at its core.

The vista of each image is uninterrupted, like a window into a scene; viewer as voyeur of an unfolding narrative. A representation of absolute normality, in which these models are caught off-guard, captured in half-motion by photographer Willy Vanderperre.

They are portraits of models, but also of split-second moments, of encounters, cementing instances in time. The models are caught midway through a gesture - rising from a chair, advancing, retreating - their intentions ambiguous, their reactions spontaneous and unrehearsed.

The moments captured here do not only represent reality, they are a reality, reflecting a fundamental inspiration behind the Prada Pre-Fall 2017 collection. Reality, normality and honesty. A truth in each encounter - a real portrait of Prada, and this seasons’ Prada women.

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