Thila Beach Front Signature Dining At Kurumba Maldives

Every exclusive resort in the Maldives will have a signature restaurant, not only for guests to have a change in their palette but also a specially designed food and beverage outlet that is to wow your company or better half by bringing home fond memories and a night to remember. Thila Beach Front signature dining at Kurumba Maldives is trying to make its way to impress. Will they serve up to one's expectations? mylifestylenews writes.

A coconut garden courtyard surrounds the white double story Thila beachfront restaurant with indoor settings as well as outdoor dinner on the beach or the extension wooden deck on the scenic Indian Ocean in Kurumba Maldvies resort. White is the main theme in Thila beach front signature, so you won’t see much action going on during the day until after dusk, when the ceiling light is providing an evening glow. Hue of blue decorative patterns illuminates the ceiling and creates a more romantic mood. White table top and chairs reflects a sense of purity while each table is lit with a candle light setting that brings intimacy to the evening.

The concept and fit out in Thila is definitely a place to impress and the outlet is also a premium breakfast in the morning for guests who prefer to have a more exclusive meal to start with their day. The outdoor sea deck dining area is a more popular choice as limited seating is available especially during high season. With the gentle breeze and waves hitting the shores and mood lightings and lanterns scattered at every corner to enhance your appetite, you may also get lucky to see the reef sharks swimming beneath the wooden deck on the shallow shores. We had a table booked on the sea deck as everyone’s preferred choice. Hence, the semi-indoor dining area was totally empty. With a cool summer night with less humidity, outdoor dining under the moonlight is ideal.

Our wait staff came along with a rather thick card board size menu with a torch light with dim lighting attached, just enough to let you read the menu in the dark and immediately walked away without any introduction or any beverages offered. In any Maldives’ resort when your meal is included even in a full package category, yet you must still need to find out in every food & beverages outlet for what is inclusive and what’s not. Without further explanation, we waived at the wait staff 10 minutes later to find out what we were entitled to order. A 3-course dinner was offered for us at last.

We started with baked Storm Clams with chorizo dressing, corn milk and coriander. The overly cooked three big clams came opened and quite chewy. You need to have strong teeth to battle for sure in order to bite them into smaller sizes before you swallow. The taste is quite bland and salt and pepper to taste is definitely needed.

The Wagyu Carpaccio were well presented with pickled mushroom, smoked yolk and topped with “parmesan” in a way of form. You need to mix them all well before you can enjoy the combination that offers you a rather raw and slimy palette.

As for the main dish, we dived into the Australian Angus Beef Fillet that served with fondant potato, watercress, charred baby onions and smoke confit garlic. Despite a good steak needing to be enjoyed at its best origin of taste, yet it came rather bland and with almost no seasoning to taste. Even the accompanied peppercorn sauce was watery and light.

The ½ kg of prawns came in three giant pieces with shell removed and was well charred, served with baby vegetables and ocean water cooked potatoes. The taste was once again quite flat for another disappointment.

With more than 2 seafood dishes ordered where Thila promises to serve a good Modern seafood cuisine, our interest had come to a pause to further savour any additional order and we jumped to dessert and were hoping for a sweet ending. We hopped on to the baked New York Cheesecake where a slice of cheesecake as expected when it came to the table but the strawberry sorbet became the highlight that was accompanied by the pink marshmallow and macadamia nuts.

We concluded our evening with a Chef’s “Pina-Colada” – A Coconut panna cotta that came with rum gelee, coconut cream, pineapple sorbet, pina colada espuma and sherbet. A rather ambitious creation to wow the adventurous diners with a little bit too much combination that ended up killing the original idea.

The entire evening dining experience was not as impressive as we would have thought. With flat service and food delivered with no passion and sense of welcoming and the food was bland and to almost no taste despite the artisanal presentation. Service was absolutely appalling as staff looked as though they work under huge pressure with a poker face and lacking of any interest and passion to serve. When none of the dishes presented was being introduced when it was served, nor any wait staff came to ask about the food in between meals, a more appropriate training is certainly required in order to remain its signature dining experience in an such exotic location - may we suggest, the basic “golden rules” need to be re-applied.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 2.5/5
Service: 2/5
Value For Money: 2/5
Experience: 2/5

Vihamanaafushi, 08340
Republic of Maldives
Tel: +960 664 2324
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