FENDI x Anke Eilergerhard @ The Sweet Dream Window Display

 FENDI announces the collaboration with German artist Anke Eilergerhard for the design of its SS2017 windows, entitled "The Sweet Dream" that was unveiled worldwide recently. The concept of FENDI’s upcoming windows has been influenced by the romantic and aristocratic mood of French rococò interiors and Marie Antoinette at the Petit Trianon that inspired FENDI’s SS2017 Collection. On this occasion, Anke Eilergerhard bespoke art pieces, made of colored silicone swirls alike dollops of whipped cream and audacious agglomerations of traditional porcelain bring magic to the windows, in unexpected and magical ways against a backdrop that recalls the boiserie and stuccos of French-like apartments. The resulting sculptures express her many years spent exploring the realm of the trivial as well as her search for the origin of humanity’s notions about beauty. These works are absolutely extraordinary in terms of their size and decoration as well as the unique nature of their artistic form - a special milestone in the mutual inspiration repeatedly exercised between fashion and art.

Following Milan, The Sweet Dream was also presented in FENDI boutiques in Paris, New York, Rome, Hong Kong, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai and Dubai. These works are extraordinary in terms of their size and decoration - a giant pastry board will be used as a colorful background in FENDI’s windows to present at best the SS2017 accessories. “When these lush, strangely luxurious sculptures with their esprit, their nimble wit and their mysterious, metamorphic beauty meet with the luxury products in Fendi’s flagship stores, the fragility and the ephemerality of the beautiful and everything we associate with it lust, love, appearance and reality are contemplated anew in a manner that is, so to speak, bifocal and always idiosyncratic in every case,” states the artist Anke Eilergerhard.

Anke Eilergerhard uses highly pigmented silicone as it is the perfect artistic and artificial medium to express the idea of how the beauty industry, and the handwork industry, both use silicone to cover up flaws. Just as her sculptures stimulate associations, feelings and memories among her viewers, her own approach to working as an artist is certainly also strongly emotional and based on stories and experiences from her early childhood and early youth. Her art always draws the public’s attention. Through their flawless execution, featuring countless silicone swirls of whipped cream meticulously placed next to and on top of one another, the objects are provided with a surface that is extremely rich in associations. The puristically baroque sculptures seem to defy gravity, and they make their viewers forget earthly questions at least for the moment.

This project marks FENDI’S fourth artistic collaboration supported by the Berlin gallery TAMMEN & Partner for the design of its windows, following those with Blue & Joy in 2014, Analogia Project in 2015 and Chris Wood in 2016.

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