Vivienne Westwood Anglomania SS2016 Collection

The youthful spirited art student and her rebellious punk sensibility inspire the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania SS2016 Collection. From the artist’s studio: paint splatters and stains, canvases and linen artist’s smocks are all absorbed into the collection’s prints, fabrics and shapes. Artworks which are prominent in any art student’s education, including the pioneering self-portraits of Rembrandt and Caravaggio’s Medusa, are also reproduced in prints and woven patches.

The Art Lover Artwork  print, which anchors this story, originates from the 1992 Salon collection and is inspired by the colourful stains created when artists’ wipe their brushes on pieces of cloth and smocks as they work. The print is repeated across crisp cotton, on top of striped shirting and on stone washed, ‘worn in’ linen. The Anglomania girl understands the world through art and culture, and fights to preserve this; she adorns herself with patches, prints and slogans to get her message across. These messages include; ‘AR’ (Active Resistance to Propaganda), and ‘Chaos’, Westwood’s formidable Punk slogans, which are featured across outerwear, knitwear, dresses and t-shirts.

The punk influence is further seen in the Anarchy Stripe print, which originates from Westwood’s late 1970’s bleached stripe cotton Anarchy Shirt, reinterpreted here on georgette, and as a Devore and jacquard. Zips, d-rings and buckles also pepper the collection to reaffirm the punk aesthetic.

The idea of unisex clothing, relevant throughout Westwood’s collections, is seen here in oversized shirts, jackets and jumpsuits which contrast with the delicate georgettes & knitwear. The collection captures the young artist’s nature, bringing together these elements to create a distinctive and individual look.

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