Hermès 2016 Le Carrè

Hermès 2016 Le Carrè EDEN Tatouage scarves is the latest additions to the lush jungle of scarves, set the tone for a collection that invites you to indulge in a paradise of silk like never before.

Flamingo Party and Jungle Love make their return in this joyous and celebratory carnival of scarves.

Fur, feather, or scales? The sweet folly of this wild celebration delights the eye and caresses the senses, creating a silken universe - a miraculous and promised land of harmony where nature reigns supreme.

Self-taught naturalist Robert Dallet devoted his life to study of fauna and had a predilection for big cats. 

An incomparable portraitist of the animal world, he produced more than one hundred paintings illustrating the feline species.

These are now preserved by Hermès. among them is Panthera pardus. Illustrated with striking, bold strokes, the animal appears to leap from the scarf, and its gaze, coat and posture are wondrously lifelike.

  The Indochinese leopard, or Panthera pardus delacouri, lives in the deepest tropical forests.

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