Rodial Proudly Presents: The HERO Snake “Freeze The Lines!”

Rodial  introduces the extension to their HERO Snake Range with NEW Snake Booster Oil, Snake Serum O2, Chin & Neck Lift and Neck Mask. This freeze and smooth range of anti-aging treatments leaves the skin feeling instantly smoother and younger looking. The unique SYN®-AKE dipeptide mimics the effect of venom from the temple viper for a smoother complexion. It is designed for anyone who concerned about expression lines, smoothness and deep wrinkles. A concentrated facial oil helps to freeze the expression lines and wrinkles with SYN®-AKE dipeptide and targeted peptides. This soft and hydrating facial oil works ‘behind the scenes’ to dramatically firm and tighten skin on a long term basis. The oil will work over time for optimum reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A lightweight sculpting gel specifically formulated to firm the appearance of the chin and neck area. Essential amino acids combine with SYN®-AKE dipeptide which is inspired by the effect of Temple Viper Venom, Chin & Neck Lift works instantly to firm and lift the contours of the neck area for a visibly smoother and younger look.

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