Maison Margiela FW2015/16 Menswear Collection

Maison Margiela FW2015/16 Menswear Collection is the style takes shape at the end of the night. The look is mixed, improvised, lost in a timeless dissonance. 

A nostalgic energy seeking an as yet undiscovered elegance. Excessive and minimal, electric and calm.

The garment is altered: linings come outwards, stitching and collars remain unfinished, chaotic proportions blend with unrelated colours, mutating jewellery. Fabrics and shapes melt against 1970’s backgrounds. The feel is eerie, nostalgic, contemporary.

Classic notions of elegance, when pushed to their limits change, become an oddity, where spontaneity transforms trial and error into final chapters. Within this cacophony, individual pieces emerge from what was once whole. Disconnected, disorderly, inspired. Democratic

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