BVLGARI @ Roman Treasures: The Night of Every Desire

BVLGARI winding through Rome on a virtual journey in collaboration with Google, Roman Treasures is a magical immersion within the mythic landmarks and hidden jewels of the Eternal City. From the Spanish Steps to the Colosseum, each monument’s legend is revealed, recounting the story of its beauty, and of the modern jewellery collection it inspired. Under the spell of the nighttime sky, Rome’s magnificent landmarks are viewed at their most silent, illuminated, and regal: the shining stars of the cityscape. The website guides the user through a constellation of Roman landmarks, the sparkling inspirations of Bulgari’s jewellery collections. At the Spanish Steps, Bulgari encircles its sensual Serpenti collection around the curves of the iconic stairwell. Next stop, Piazza Navona, for a heart-stopping gaze at the brilliant glory of LVCEA. Every traveller must visit the awesome Colosseum – tenacious, imaginative, and seemingly impossible in its timelessness – as well as the symbolic inspiration for the bold spirals of B.zerol. Meanwhile, the magnificent Baths of Caracalla are awash with desire, inspiring the beautiful aesthetic that is Diva. On a more luxuriant promenade, the gardens of Villa Borghese balance harmony with wonder, blooming into the artful inspiration of Giardini Italiani, the High Jewellery collection reflecting nature as the purest form of art. 

Over these Roman Treasures, an eight-pointed star weaves imaginary constellations. Inspired by the most famous symbols of Bulgari’s creativity, the constellations embrace with a magical aura the sparkling jewelry collections: the femininity of Diva is interpreted by the Peacock, the disruptive power of B.zero1 lives in the Leo, while the sensuality of the snake shines in the Serpenti constellation. The seductive jewellery stories are narrated by a female voice, guiding the virtual traveller on a Bulgari tour, and helping him to create a special wish card as a souvenir. Featuring customized sentiments and the swirl of jewels by night, Roman Treasures cards may be sent to loved ones online in the beautiful spirit of a very Bulgari holiday. 

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