MAISON MARGIELA FW2015/16 ‘Défilé’ Collection

MAISON MARGIELA FW2015/16 ‘Défilé’ Collection proposes a new alignment and the evolving fil rouge of the ‘Artisanal’ collection. In evoking a calculated imperfection, the individual emerges.

Whispered to life, garments question ideas of conformity, and the élan of the individual rises to the fore. Innocence is celebrated, articulating a new standard of beauty. An ephemeral muse returns, her power reactionary and sensitive. Personalities shine in characters mingled through a sepia lens. 

Transformation is vital; spontaneous, cathartic gestures meet studied craft for an attenuated silhouette and its immediate release. The twin lives of a garment are the key to its nonchalance, just as day fades into night. Such musings disregard the dated concerns of what to wear, and when.

Tailoring and flou find new proportions, both charming and askew. Just as fabrics are imbued with memory and emotion, their allure serves new context across the articulated body.

At times, they reference themselves; elsewhere they allude to a deeper metafiction. Decoration follows suit: naive flowers and feathers subvert the bourgeoisie through a muted joie-de-vivre. 

At once diffused and saturated, their colours allude to a warm sense, a fashion lo-fi: like polaroids inflected with acid dreams.

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