MIKIMOTO @ 2013 Xmas Wonderland Collection

With the White Rabbit in waistcoat carrying a pocket watch, the magical “Drink Me” potion, the hookah-smoking Caterpillar, the fun-loving Playing Cards, the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts who hates white roses... MIKIMOTO introduces you to a whimsical world this Christmas Wonderland Collection. Inspired by the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, MIKIMOTO 2013 Xmas wonderland Collection transforms flying butterflies, exotic flowers and plants, and bubbles that filled with our childhood memories into playful yet exquisite motifs, including the elegant “Butterflies in the Wonderland”, subtle and mystic “Mystery Plant in the Wonderland”, and “Bubbles in the Wonderland” that recalls our happy childhood. The <Bubbles in the Wonderland> resembling the mini-crystal balls, bubbles with vivid colours present a new perspective to the world. In MIKIMOTO’s wonderland, feel free to jump onto the bubbles or sit inside to admire this spectacular world. Adorable donut-shaped designs adorned with exquisite Akoya pearls awaken your sweet childhood memories and ignite the greatest imagination ever.   
<Butterflies in the Wonderland> The colorful butterflies dancing among flowers, resting on giant mushrooms, playing around the rainbow or fluttering over the peaceful lake are turned into elegant jewels to enrich your confidence and charm with their splendid movement!
 <Mystery Plant in the Wonderland> inspired by the magnificent plants with mysterious power found in the forest, these stunning creations lead you to an exciting adventure in the Wonderland. Precious South Sea pearls are accentuated by sophisticated lines adorned with diamonds to celebrate the beauty of nature.

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