Like Father, Like Son

This time, Masaharu Fukuyama is not the only highlight in this small of gesture, huge of heart's film < Like Father, Like Son> as both of the child actors' performance are winning. This beautiful and intelligent film written and directed by Hirokau Koreeda captured its transcendent humanist charm. The story is simple, two babies was accidentally swapped at birth (with a reason to be reviewed in the middle of the film, of course) and raised by two different families of differing social status. The hard part is to exchange their six-year-olds sons in which both children were raised in a different background where both parents had invested so much love, energy and ambition towards them, indeed, it is rather heartbreaking. The film suggests that parents do need immeasurable patient and love towards their children especially in such unique situation. The film is filled with phenomenon performances from the four adults actors as well as the two boys. <Like Father, Like Son> is definitely one of the must-watch movies with great interesting premises and a rather short and heartfelt ending.

Rating : 4/5

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