I.T POST Fashion Quarterly Issue 14 @ Silver Lining

 I.T POST latest issue 14  themed <Silver Lining> tribute to I.T Group’s 25th Silver Jubilee hopes to deliver an inspiring and positive visual feast through our carefully-edited stories and innovative fashion shoots. The issue invites readers to share the joy of I.T Group’s 25th anniversary and also through its positive theme, encourages dreamers to dream bigger and carry on with their ambition. Prepare for the setbacks and obstacles life throws your way but always be reminded that every cloud has a silver lining. I.T Post is here to lift your spirits and continue the pursuit of your dreams.
<SILVER> emits a mysterious aura like a beam of light amid the blanket of darkness. The hue not only achieves a perfect balance between black and white but also adds a silver lining to the otherwise dim surroundings, not unlike the light of hope at the end of the tunnel. The Post features avant-garde visuals and articles that showcase the hard work and creativity of our photographers and stylists and also an underlined message which promotes the perseverance needed for the pursuit of your dreams. 

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