The Best of KAY TSE 謝安琪 @ 最好的時刻 2006-2012 3CD+DVD

If you don't know much of Kay Tse's music, this compilation is a true bonus to find out many best of Tse's awarding winning musics since 2006. This 3CD+DVD compilation consists of 51 tracks and 15 Music videos and you almost miss nothing from Tse's music journey until the present despite some of her songs was really not so commonly know. Yet, there are still plenty of familiar tunes from the Canton and Mandarin Karaoke pop songs selection inclusive of a couple of duets with Eason Chan, Kelly Chen, William So and more. Tse's homage to the late Leslie Cheung by doing a cover version which probably was one of the worsts in this compilation, lacking of soul in recording and she totally killed it. Tse's unstable vocal was a rather annoyance for a couple of unreached high notes but to faking it. Personal favorites are still Tse's greatest hit <囍帖街>, the witty lyric from <港女的幸福星期日> and <年度之歌>. After all, this is still a value money buy for such compilation to quench your thirst before her new album release. At least for the Karaoke fans to have a hard yard of practice on Tse's best.

Rating 3.5/5

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