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Royal Doulton, a global household name in fine china and iconic lifestyle production over 198 years. The brand has earned itself the reputation for excellence, innovation, creativity, quality and distinctive design since 1815. Michael Doulton, the 6th generation descendant from the family told mylifestylenews the <Michael Doulton> 2013 Tour's releases in Hong Kong recently......

John Doulton, my great great great grandfasther who founded the Royal Doulton Company in 1815 and I am now the  sixth generation descendant from the family.

I spent most of my  young adult life in Australia and since 1976, I had held the role of International Brand Ambassador travelling the world, launching new ranges, talking to collectors and hosting in-store presentations and special events.

In 1980, my role with the company expanded and I became the Honorary President of the newly formed Royal Doulton International Collectors Club until this very day.

Today, the Royal Doulton International Collectors Club includes thousands of loyal members throughout the world. I try schedule my appearances in various media platform from print to electronic media as well as store visits like today to meet the collectors of Royal Doulton.

My yearly international tour traditionally includes stops in the United Kingdom, the United
States, Canada and Australia. 

I have vowed to stay actively involved in the business, something my father always wanted. As the company ambassador and Honorary Club President, I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting thousands of loyal consumers and collectors. 

Wherever I go, it’s rewarding to see and hear first-hand how the company started by my great, great, great grandfather continues to bring joy to so many people’s lives.

This year’s tour is centered around 100 years of HN figures. The limited edition HN icons   collection celebrates the centenary of Royal Doulton figures and represents the most iconic   sculpture of the past 100 years including Darling, the very first figure to be given an HN number.

Laura is the latest beautiful sculpture to join an exclusive group of figurines that are only available from retailers holding events hosted by Michael Doulton. This Figure of the year 2013 depicts a demure young woman wearing a flowing V neck dress tied with a pretty satin sash over a camisole and lacy petticoat. The embossed floral motifs forming a lacy decorative border to the camisole are highlighted in platinum and this prestigious metal is also used for Laura’s stylish choker necklace. 

The Petite Figure of the Year 2013 Donna has become a favorite with many figurine fans. Initially the series recreated in miniature size some of the most popular early Figures of the Year, but now totally new subjects, such as this year’s exquisite figurine, Donna, are being created for the collection. 

Catherine is the 23rd Figure of the Year, and, like her predecessors, her elegant style ensures she holds the centre stage.  And the figurine is perfect as a gift for a variety of occasions taking place throughout the year, to mark significant anniversaries or simply to express friendship or love.

The Limited Edition HN Icons celebrates the centenary of Royal Doulton figurines and representing the most iconic sculptures for the past ten decades. The miniature figurines honour the role and creativity of the Royal Doulton’s leading sculptors.  

The icons series also reflects the HN figurine collection’s diversity of subject and breath of style ranging from pretty ladies and character studies to prestige subjects. Each figure is approximately 12cm tall and carries a gold limited edition back stamp. Each will be gift boxed with a limited edition certificate and a booklet showing all 10 figures. 
"Where ever I go, it’s rewarding to see and hear first-hand how the company started by my great, great, great grandfather continues to bring joy to so many people’s lives." Michael Doulton.
Michael having his autograph for his fans
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