MCM @ Beyond Snowdome

MCM celebrates the winter holiday season on a ski-sloped voyage adventure with the second collaborative masterwork with the art whiz double act, Craig & Karl. After a highly-successful SS2013 “Eyes on the Horizon” debut, MCM continues their momentous pop-luxe Limited Edition anthology unveiling an unforgettable tour-de-style entitled “Beyond Snowdome.” In a spectacular art-meets-fashion second act, the latest new venture casts a spotlight on the visual arts, fêting the brand’s promise of passion, creativity and modernity.
 Reminiscent of snow-capped mountains, après-ski ambiances and frothing hot chocolates with marshmallow glaciers, the mastermind-duo introduce playful eyes gazing through ski goggles, featuring lyrical snowflakes that cascade over fine leather to create a chilled, down tone façade upon a canvas of Visetos noir.
Stamping Craig & Karl’s good-humoured trademark of style, crisp colours and arctic prints reflect on memories of wintertime, while abstract dots and patterns provide characteristic depth and lucidity to the design. Featuring glacial blues, iced teals, Santa reds and frosted-fuchsias chilled to perfection, the latest new collection creates a romantic, cosy image of the season. Gazing toward seasons past, the mesmerising eyes look beyond the snowdomes of seasons yet to come.
The second edition of the edgy collaboration is designed by Craig & Karl, two artists living in two cities on the horizon, under one snowdome. Evolving from ocean-laden sandscapes, to snow-clad hilltops, the collection has metamorphosed into a svelte, coordinated snowboard-chic look that teases the imagination. This is the third collaboration in a series of glam-pop exclusives between MCM and Craig Redman, and the second edition of the Craig & Karl duet.
For the first time cooperation of MCM and I.T, MCM set up a Beyond Snowdome collection pop up station in I.T Hysan One from November 29th, 2013 to February 16th, 2014, and this collection will be pre-launch exclusively in I.T Hysan One from today for a week. Starting from December 6th, it will be available in MCM flagship store and boutiques in Hong Kong.

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