FENDI @ FW2013/14 Men & Women Collection

FENDI FW2013/14 women collection continue to build on its iconic heritage with a modern spirit. Unexpected narratives work magic on exquisite materials to bring depth and dimension to fur designs centering on the season;s sport-chic style.
Pioneering the design of fur fashion, FENDI always stays true to its passion for experimentation and innovation of furs, keeping alive the momentum of their development. The “FF” logo, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, decorating FENDI’s fashion show stands for “Fun Fur” and the underlying design philosophy of the designer. It also heralds the season’s playful style of integrating furs into the F/W collection.
The Fur revolution championed by the Italian house continues with designs that subvert and sublime that very concept of furs. Karl Lagerfeld unleashes his whimsical imagination on the Fw2013 collection once again to celebrate the kaleidoscope versatility of furs, shaped by the extraordinary craftsmanship in which FENDI takes pride. The collection brings the interpretation of furs up a level: from attire to accessories and form footwear to eyewear, furs are virtually all over the place. 
New material combinations and volumes underline the season’s new Couture-style sport chic. Interlock cashmere, genuine silk and rich flannel are matched with neoprene to freshen up the brand’s iconic collage style. Opt art is another highlight of the season, with fine leather stripes woven together to form a textural trompe l’oeil that rivals the richness and suppleness of furs; while exquisite furs exhibit a fabric- or leather-like finishing, underlining FENDI’s exceptional savoir-faire for exotic materials. The collection unlocks the desire to palpate its details and sophistication.
The silhouettes seamlessly combine fashion and function: crispy lines are coupled with calculated layering to flatter the body. Fluid and feminine or geometric and structured, the collection outlines the fashion-forward trend of the season. The color story of the season proves another tour de force that breathes new life into fur creations. Taking inspiration from FENDI’s iconic PEQUIN stripes, colorful accents brighten the brown monotone of furs. Striking hues including orange, peach and lemon renew FENDI minks, thanks to the brand’s innovative technologies.
Through sophisticated processing, rich and exquisite minks take on bold colors and the lovingly crafted animal faces, to which soft fox is attached to give birth to the playful kingdom of FENDI fauna, replacing the imposing majesty of fur with a sense of light-hearted hedonism.
The Men collection are for the big chill. The great outdoors. Glaciers, wind, sublime adventures and a need for protection. The new Fendi collection caters to heroic human needs for life in extreme conditions. The urge to shield the body from the chilly aggression of the elements brings texture, both visual and tactile, to the forefront.
 Surfaces are intricate and dense: needle-felting, coatings, double printing, fabric mixing create mutations fit to survive in the hardest conditions. Oiled leather is fused with wool on oversized outerwear; patchworked astrakhan draws imaginary skins on a fisherman cape; two-tone jacquard wool swarms with geometric patterns on martially neat suits; rhythmic prints are superimposed on shirts.
Coarseness replaces flatness, creating another layer of distance between the body and the external world: knits are heavy, with a frosted feel; needle-felted shearling looks like it was scratched or it is mixed with knit. A workwear feel recurs, together with utilitarian details like neck padding, detachable quilted linings, raised collars. The protective volume of the outerwear is balanced by the neat slimness of the tailoring. Multiplication makes the formula effective.
The color palette is organic, blending earth, stone, icy, rocky notes into chromatic mixes that reflect the mutating and outdoorsy spirit of the collection. Accessories such as satchel rucksacks, leather or fur and leather boots, small waist bags with a fur flap that can be used as a hand-warmer add the final touch to the arctic survival plan.
Equipped with everything that he needs, the wanderer over a sea of fog is now ready to march. Electronic composer Matthew Herbert will give him a pace during the presentation, creating music out of the marching sounds. Multiplication, again, makes the formula effective.  

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