NUXE @ The New Nirvanesque® Collection

NUXE discovered the natural active ingredient that gave rise to the new Nirvanesque®: Tree Peony Extract. To the thirty-somethings of 2013, it offers twice as many reasons to see the world through rose-tinted glasses: a Neuro-destressing action coupled with a new neuro-relaxing action for a "Botox-like" boosted effect. this new neuro-relaxing action with concentrated extract of Tree Peony Root (new exclusive NUXE patent pending) to prolong the life of enkephalins, ‘‘well being’’ molecules. A neuro-destressing action with a complex of Blue Lotus Seed, Poppy Seed, and Althea Root to reduce skin’s micro-tensions. Each of these active ingredients is part of an exclusive NUXE patent application.
NEW “Anti-depressant” textures that boost the pleasure of application and active ingredient penetration comes with a heady fragrance that will carry you to a state of serenity. Effectiveness proven by tests and confirmed by women. Say goodbye to long faces and tense features.
 The complexion is bright, the features are relaxed, the 1st expression lines smoothed. As though cutaneous stress no longer affected this almost blissful skin. The new exclusive NUXE eco-designed jar, that responds to the environmental concerns of female consumers in the 21st century and a customized LINE that delights all skin types.

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