SQOOM @ Beauty Concept Debuts in Hong Kong

SQOOM Beauty Concept (SQOOM), an award-winning, patented skincare concept that offers one-of-a-kind "under the skin" anti-aging and medical solution. made its debut in Hong Kong recently. Developed by Schick Medical from Germany, the revolutionary device and complementary products have gained popularity all over Europe and the
U.A.E. since its launch in 2008. SQOOM beauty concept includes an innovative SQOOM device that delivers different skincare and dermaceutical results by pairing with special designed gels developed under the brand. It is safe to use on anyone from babies to elderlies and also on any parts of the body. The SQOOM device operates under a patented synchron technology that offers a unique combination of ionization, ultrasound and active cosmetics. While conventional skincare products stays on the skin surface with only a small amount of active ingredients going into the skin; large amount of SQOOM active ingredients can penetrate into deepest layers of the skin.
Changing the Habits in Skincare and Dermaceutic Care “SQOOM is a patented cosmetic application device which combines iontophoresis and ultrasound. This combination has long been a favourite beauty salon treatment, but thanks to SQOOM it can now be used at home.” Helmut Schick, CEO of Schick Medical explained, “SQOOM brings professional medical skin treatment to any average household. It can be done at home to enjoy the same quality treatment in aesthetic clinics. The transducer generates one million gentle vibrations per second that penetrate into all the layers of the skin down to the dermis. This causes skin channels and intercellular spaces to open briefly.” Ultrasound waves can stimulate the self-production of collagen. The skin is regenerated and wrinkles are visibly reduced. Each session with the device takes no more than 12 minutes, and only one or two treatments per week are needed to maintain the improved skin condition after an initial period of daily treatments from one to two months.

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