DR. MARTENS AW2013 @ What Do You Stand For? Ad Campaign

Dr. Martens AW2013 campaign celebrates these free-thinking individuals; from the first timers to those who have been with us forever. These are authentic characters who stand for something. Featuring a diverse cast of 13, the campaign represents people of different ages, backgrounds, occupations and personalitites. They all have one thing in common - they wear Dr. Martens boots and shoes with pride and passion, an empowering mark of something worth standing for.
Shot by James Pearson Howes, the people featured vary: up-and-coming band The Minx, rapper Rude Kid, hair stylist Saph and artist Wildcat Will to name a few. James’ photography has a strong reportage style, showing these people in their own environments. Each character has also given personal imagery to use within the cam­paign, be it a picture of them wearing Doc’s for the first time, or an album or book that means something to them.
 Interviews with these individuals form the basis of accompanying films, where the characters state what the stand for. Guy, a make-up artist who dresses in drag and considers himself as a bit of a chameleon, stands for ‘keeping people guessing.’ Brit-school graduate Bridgette, a British-Ghanaian singer/songwriter stands for ‘ the rawness, not fucking about and getting shit done.’ Manchester band The Minx stand for ‘the youth, because they shape the future’. Their track ‘Lose My Head’, is used as the backdrop to their personal film, but has also been remixed for the #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign, to feature on all of the character films in very different ways.
The campaign is also brought to life on Dr. Martens social media spaces, where consumers will be encouraged to share their style and what they stand for to win, by uploading their own personal images of them wearing Docs. This creates a visual representation of the brands fans across the world, what they like to wear and how they express themselves. Watch#STANDFORSOMETHING 2013AW Campaign here.

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