Vivienne Westwood Designs Limited Knot Wraps @ LUSH Urging A Change of Gift Wrapping Habit

 Vivienne Westwood designed a limited edition 100% Organic cotton Climate Knot-Wrap this Christmas to be sold in all Lush Handmade Cosmetic Stores Worldwide, with all profits going to support the Climate Revolution and the many charities and NGO’s that work towards this cause. Inspired by the Japanese art of ‘furoshiki’, a knot-wrap, can be used as a stylish alternative to gift wrap, worn as a headscarf or fetching neckerchief or framed as a piece of art. The Knot-Wraps are available in camel or light pink and are printed with two Climate Revolution images designed by Vivienne Westwood.  The black-eyed unsmiling face the Face of War is Westwood’s symbol for the fight against climate change and environmental degradation.  They are printed on fine organic cotton and woven by a British-based artisan.
 Since 2005, Lush Cosmetics, have sold pieces of vintage fabric and material created from waste plastic. This limited edition Knot-Wrap designed by Vivienne Westwood is one of the many ways you can help reduce the 227,000 miles of Christmas paper the UK throws away each year enough to go round the world nine times. After unwrapping a gift the recipient passes this precious fabric on: to wrap another present, to wrap themselves in or in the Japanese tradition handing the Knot-Wrap back to the giver to be used again. Speaking about her collaboration with Lush, Vivienne Westwood said: “I always say, buy less and buy better quality so that what you buy will last. These Climate Revolution Knot-Wraps can replace wrapping paper and will last a lifetime. More importantly, when you buy them you join an uprising: the Climate Revolution that we need if we are to have a future that we can survive and thrive in.
Mo Constantine, founder of Lush Cosmetics said: “Christmas is about giving, not about wrapping, packaging and waste. We’re delighted that Vivienne has designed this Climate Revolution knot-wrap for us. We’ve been encouraging our customers to use fabric as packaging for years – half of our products don’t even need packaging – they come ‘naked’. So this is an exciting collaboration – two iconic British brands coming together, at Christmas, and asking the high street to consider their waste.”

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