Ender's Game

Finding "The One" from a group of elite kids with hidden talent to fight against the alien race Formics who have attacked earth to be the heroic is timely. Intensive space camp training are needed in preparation for the next attack and to be sent to the real battlefield ( more like a video game control in demand). Evidently, a shy yet brilliant boy with good and pure heart were chosen as the one to join in the war games and lead his fellow in-mates into an epic battle that will determine the future of earth and save the human race. This award winning best selling novel epic adventure made it to the giant screen with a lot of fun floats through anti-gravity room. impressive production set ideed . "You must understand your enemy to defeat him and then love him", the message was clear and world peace adhere, eventually the games get real and the battleship was over, it makes everyone happy. There is a strong story in Ender's Game to be found out from this big budget adaptation and the space opera is rather bracing. Despite the drawback, the film is still visually spectacular and tightly paced.

Rating : 3.5/5

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