ABE by Ariane Chaumeil AW2017/18 Collection: «Past to Present»

ABE by Ariane Chaumeil AW2017/18 Collection: « Past to Present » 
I had to found my place. Creation is an emergency; then I learnt the work on glass with blowlamp. I get this way the « Ateliers d’Arts de France » label in 2014. I work the melting glass, giving its forms, colors and reflections because of a repetitive movement, for mastering its viscous and solid condition. To me it’s similar to a violinist, who has no reference point and a total freedom… 

In order to respect this art, I decided to present my pieces in a casket who represents in the same time my privacy. With the work of metaled laiton, I created more demanding pieces. By sawing, bending, welding the metal, the glass takes another dimension. The laiton meshes are set one by one, like a fabric, allowing the parures to take all the forms and dimensions. The metal engravings give an antique look of which I’m very fond…

 I have no limit to try every technique and art work in order to show the beauty of the art glasswork, like the « plumasserie » (work with feathers), very present in my works. I LOVE this freedom of speech! So many years for reaching it…I am autodidact since my childhood; the thirst of discovering, the curiosity brought to me so many artistic experiences, my first kind of intimate expression.

I admire so much the perfection of masterpieces, the transcendence of freedom of speech, the federative beauty…This is an introspection, and also a free interpretation of the world around. IN THIS WILD life, as much tremendous as competitive, my work find its place in the duration, my feelings take their time, the time for making sense… When it’s finished, my work generally took several hundred hours… 

 A LITTLE BIT like a rebirth, and also like a coherent continuation, my life is an initiation who gave me my identity : art glassworker and jeweller. Like MANY of my peers, my goal is to discover the world, to show my vision of the beauty and of the poetry through my creations. 

NOT AT ALL at the end of this introspection, I use my personal memories, the impressions of my childhood, using the codes of the past, visiting them again, interpreting them again, for giving them a modernity, and, I hope, an everlasting life. Beauty and eternity are the meaning of my work. 

ISAIA AW2017/18 San Leucio Collection

ISAIA AW2017/18 San Leucio Collection 
Isaia AW2017/18 pays homage to the luxe silk factories and textiles of San Leucio. Famous for its rich traditions of craftsmanship, innovation in design, and utopian society, San Leucio is a direct reflection of ISAIA’s culture. This shared ethos sets the stage for AW2017/18. Drawing upon historical references, ISAIA reinterprets the innovative spirit and forward thinking of San Leucio in a contemporary way this season.

Located in the hillside near the magnificent Reggia di Caserta, (pride of the Kingdom of Napoli between the 18th and 19th centuries), San Leucio is known for its long tradition of craftsmanship; providing the finest silks in the world to foreign elites, including Buckingham Palace and The White House. The physical presence and spirit of San Leucio is diversified and full of contrasts and energy, however, it culminates with a harmonious form, brought together in a common language through a mosaic of ideas.

This is most famously seen through the development of the “Reale Colonia deiSetaioli”, (or Silk Weavers Royal Colony) at San Leucio, which gave privilege and prestige to the vocation of textile artisanship and created a unique utopian society. This newly created colony was designed with great foresight by Ferdinand IV of Bourbon in the late 18th century, and widely desired by those looking to overtake the Kingdom.

These diverse and unexpected ideas are also seen at the heart and soul of ISAIA’s AW2017/18 collection. Naturally, various distinctive elements are transformed in Isaia’s creative voice through a decidedly experimental approach in clothing, combining its interplay of materials, colors and patterns. But through the design innovation and creative process always remains the sartorial bedrock of Neapolitan tailoring. This shared history of skilled artisans and diverse juxtaposed ideas, is inherent in ISAIA’s organization today.

The true craftsmen and artisans of Napoli and Caserta still produce some of the most luxe items in the world, while still embracing forward thinking. San Leucio was known for being the most technologically advanced textile factory in Europe at the time of its height, while ISAIA echoes this idea of craftsmanship and modernity, combining the best in technology with the sartorial tradition of tailoring to produce the world’s finest clothing.

The design symbol of this season is the argyle pattern or diamond motif which becomes a profoundly Neapolitan and an exquisitely personal theme for Isaia. The pathways connecting the utopian workers’ colony at San Leucio to the grand Belvedere palazzo, artistic gardens and landscape design, are paved with this symbol. ISAIA pays homage to this symbol by including it on their famous seasonal meltons in each color story. Emerging through a textured intertwining scheme of shape and color, this season presents a decidedly utilitarian take, highlighted through a range of Mediterranean earth tones blended with a warm palette. Dominated by various shades of red, from chestnut to rust, and deep blues, greens and rich violets, the color story gives a feeling of richness and sophistication. This dynamic is also expressed in scarves and silk jacquard with tie prints that become schematic with distinct lines that create abstract reflections of backgrounds in different colors.

To further play upon a luxe utilitarian approach, this season also finds woven wools taking center stage and materializing in; bouclés, bomby wools, and Saxony fabrics. Combining a crisp, masculine feel deriving from the practical sporty outdoors enters a dimension of strictly urban modernity through new weights, thicknesses and textures, creating super luxe wearable garments for the contemporary gentleman.

Isaia specifically chose the design and fabrics in this collection as a tribute to the unsurpassed local artisan culture and textile production of outstanding quality, clearly aspiring to the international supremacy of the silk from the royal textile workshop of San Leucio. This magnificent, glorious, timeless story shares many affinities with Isaia’s own progressive path, not only due to a common desire to achieve the best in terms of continuous improvement and ongoing technical and creative experimentation, but also in terms of civic commitment and positive social impact in a landscape that is sometimes considered difficult and problematic.


Calvin Klein 2017 New Eyewear Collection

The new Calvin Klein eyewear is polished, modern and fashion forward. With beautiful color palettes, solid hardware design and mixed materials, the line embodies the contemporary style of the iconic brand. CK5954A This round, feminine frame is accentuated with sleek layers of color for a chic, modern look. Available in brown/orange, bordeaux/rose, black/white and black/red.

A combination of materials enhances the sleek silhouette of this modern cat eye, while a metal double bridge adds an architectural edge. Uniquely contrasting temples complete the look. Available in black gold, black silver, rose havana and cosmetic pink.

A striking silhouette is enhanced by classic colorations and a trendy ombre effect featured on the temples. Available in black, grey, matte black and dark brown.

With fluid architectural construction and rounded hardware, this double bridge design demonstrates fashion forward styling. Iconic colored temple tips add a signature touch. Available in black, burgundy and rose havana.

CERRUTI 1881 Introduces Made-to-Measure Experience

CERRUTI 1881 launches a global Made-to-Measure service, available through CERRUTI 1881 Flagship stores and selective retailers worldwide. The Made-to -Measure initiative comprises suits, tuxedo, waistcoat, jackets, trousers, and overcoats.Clients may select from fabrics woven in Biella, Italy exclusively by Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti.

The luxury fabrics include Vicuña, 13 Micron, Suri Alpaca, 100% cashmere, wool/silk, and super 150’s wool. The garments will be hand tailored in Italy and comprises more than 160 steps and over 8 hours of hand craft construction.

The tailoring experience allows clients to choose from a vast variety of styles, fabrics, and accessories to create a perfectly fitted and personalised garment. Delivery time averages 8-10 weeks.

The Made-to-Measure experience continues CERRUTI 1881 commitment t o quality service and flexibility for you. This program allows our clients a top tailoring experience and a garment that perfectly fits both their shape and style.


Karl Lagerfeld 2017 New Eyewear

Karl Lagerfeld 2017 new eyewear refined design, exclusive materials and iconic details define a new eyewear collection distinguished by its style and functionality, balanced between contemporary glamor and high-tech sophistication.

These women’s sunglasses, which star in the new advertising campaign, have a delicate, lightweight oval design, enhanced by the original application of color on the brow. The metal silhouette features an interplay of different shades of the same tone, enhancing the color combination between the matte finish and the gradient shades. Available in Shiny Gold, Shiny Gunmetal, Shiny Light Gold and Shiny Medium Gold.

This metal men’s model, which stars in the new advertising campaign, features a very trendy shape with a strong personality. The geometric, rectangular design is emphasized by the double bridge and by the iconic “arrow” symbol that extends from the temples to the frame front. The alternation between matte finishes and mirrored lenses creates a precious color contrast between light and shadow. Available in Satin Black, Satin Blue and Satin Wine.

Hermès Introduces New Fragrance Twilly d’Hermès

The desires that nourish them, the ideals that inspire them and the stories that make their hearts skip a beat… What do young women dream of? Free, bold, connected, mischievous and impulsive, they turn expectation on its head, swim against the tide, impose their own rhythm, invent a brand new tempo. Their gaze is always a little averted, charmingly sidelong, tinged with benevolent irony. Their paths, of backroads and byways, gradually become an everyday road, that of each new day, filled with joy, laughter, and shared pleasures.

It is with these young women in mind, by observing their lives, smiling at the fun they have with our silk scarves, that Christine Nagel, Hermès’ perfumer-designer, has created Twilly d’Hermès. Conceived in a spirit of absolute freedom, this fragrance in its joyous, impish bottle, plays with today’s feminine in the making, reveals and forges a bond between these women and Hermès, nurtures a new affinity. This affinity echoes the joyful impertinence they share with Hermès, their unfailing cheerfulness and their multi-faceted nature, their infinite whims, their uniqueness, and everything that fires their minds – starting with freedom.

Twilly d’Hermès is all of this, all of these desires and intuitions, applied to a twist. A twist of three materials: ginger, tuberose and sandalwood. Freshness, mystery and wood. Spice, sunlight and tenderness. Three classic materials which, combined differently, become burning heat, disconcerting attraction, a revelation of the carnal. Implicit sensuality. Ethereal eroticism. Unwavering gentleness. Eternal lightness, too, as if held by a silken thread. This same thread, expertly knotted like a scarf around the Twilly d’Hermès bottle, a ribbon-tie of silk and colour, a final flash of wit encircling the cap. Twilly is the tie which, in the depths of a pocket, on a wrist, between the fingers, or in the hollow of a hand, becomes a compelling talisman, the twirling symbol of a brand new fragrance, of its touch of folly and creativity that permeates the skin, the body, the mind… A joyful transposition, a playful twist, everything upside down and back to front, Twilly d’Hermès dances to the vibrant and passionate beat of youth.


NIKE VISION New Essential Lifestyle Sunglasses Collection

Informed by sports technology and inspired by the streets, skateparks and runways of the world, Nike Vision’s new Lifestyle Collection takes you effortlessly through every part of your active day. The new Nike Essential Navigator traces its lineage to athletic eyewear while offering the next generation of style. The sunglasses style features an on-trend and unexpected frame with rubber inlays for all-day comfort, while the lightweight frame is built for durability and everyday wear. Along with the unique color combinations, premium branding and technical benefits, the style is personal style with performance. Along with all of Nike Vision’s performance products, the Navigator includes Max Optics lenses, which provides 100% UVA and UVB protection, and precise clarity from all angles. Inspired by sports and cultural moments, the new collection delivers an expression of contemporary style and uncompromised comfort.

Giorgio Armani AW2017/18 Advertising Campaign

Giorgio Armani AW2017/18 Advertising Campaign
Giorgio Armani has collaborated with Dutch photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen to shoot the new advertising campaign. With their subdued and atmospheric elegance, the subtle images in black and white, and colour, recall iconic Giorgio Armani campaigns of the past.

Through her camera lens, Annemarieke Van Drimmelen, with a watchful eye and extreme sensitivity, manages to capture strong, interwoven emotions by utilising fine plays of light, gazes and simple hand gestures.

There is a wide selection of models: Lara Mullen, Lineisy Montero, Margot Davy, Charlee Fraser, Milena Litvinovskaya, Aleksandar Rusic, Wouter Peelen, Hao Yun Xiang, André Bona, Jason Morgan and Andrey Zakharov are the subjects of portraits taken in almost completely bare interior and exterior settings.

The campaign portrays different faces throughout a large, yet coherent, gallery of images, varying its perspective and focussing on different poses. 

Each shot captures the personal nature of the subject, emphasising his or her individuality and sophisticated, natural elegance, expressing this through a visual language that is profoundly Armani.


SPA PHOENICIA InterContinental Phoenicia Beirut - A True Oasis In Beirut

A good spa experience is hard to resist especially where ancient rituals and practiced treatments are derived from Mediterranean, Asia and the Middle East, Spa Phoenicia at the Inter-Continental Phoenicia Beirut will take you to a secret passage in the world of senses where soul, mind and body become a single entity. mylifestylenews writes.

Four giant curved palm trees soaring high at the Spa Phoenicia gives you a warm welcome the moment when you enter as well as the recreational foyer. With a well equipped 24/7 fitness center in operation and a 20m indoor temperature control swimming pool set in a delightful background of cascading waterfalls, accompanied by aqua gym Aerobic apparatus, this separates the men's and women's sauna and steam room facilities, jacuzzi as well as a full treatment spa menu devoted to beauty, rejuvenation and relaxation.

Spa Phoenicia uses precious elements from the Mediterranean Sea combined with holistic ingredients found only in nature. Specializing in Balneotherapy, Thalassotherapy, Thai relaxing therapy and Ayurvedic medicine, their unique philosophy brings together natural elements with the latest technology delivered by a highly trained professional therapist for unparalleled peace, serenity and visible results.

Ayurveda is five thousand years of wisdom distilled into a system of practice aiming at detecting and removing or predicting and preventing mind and body imbalances before they manifest as diseases. It can be regarded as the most comprehensive and totalistic approach to healthy living since it incorporates physical, social, psychological, spiritual and philosophical facets of life. This holistic approach makes Ayuverdic legendary worldwide.

We were offered half a session of Abhyanga full body massage and continued with a Shirodhara dripping of medicated oil on the forehead by opening our ‘third eye” for a better vision in a total of 90 minutes holistic yet relaxing treatment. Known for its therapeutic benefits and healing technique, the art of old Ayuvedic treatments are the science of life and healing based on centuries old natural Indian therapies that deliver you from chronic pain and illnesses using specially concocted oils, herbs and aromas gently applied to your skin in a salutary ambiance. My Indian therapist’s strong hands use herbal oils applying to my head and body carefully chosen with accordance to my skin type (which is moderately dry) and gives a thorough whole body massage in my required medium to strong strength. The natural healing quality of these oils together with the traditional Indian techniques deeply cleanses and rejuvenates the skin while relieving the stress and tension from our body and mind.

The second half of our Shirodhara treatment begins with a stream of warm medicated oil released to flow onto the forehead and the entire scalp region followed by a gentle head massage. It not only helps to enhance the mental relaxation, but also improves the functioning of the five senses, helps in insomnia, migraines, stress, anxiety, depression and definitely a jet lag reliever.

A relaxed mind and revitalized body need to be complemented with a well-groomed personality. Spa Phoenicia in InterContinental Phoenicia Beirut is a true oasis in Beirut and has what it takes by offering you a full range of spa treatments designed to maintain health involving balance of the body, mind and spirit as well as emotions. At least for sure that evening we slept so well with the pampering and wellness that works.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 3/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Ayurvedic Treatments

Minet El Hosn,
P.O. Box 11/846
Mezzanine Level
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: +961 1 357 030

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 

COACH Holiday Pop-up Store In Cityplaza

To usher in the coming season of joyous giving, Coach held a pop-up featuring specially selected gift items at Centre Bridge on 2/F of Cityplaza recently. While spoiling one’s beloved, buddies, chums and relatives with these seasonal heart warming gifts, DIY Christmas cards can add extra personal touch on the spot.

Endlessly creative Christmas cards were made by using fascinating Coach stickers and pattern stampers. There was even an electronic version for those who prefer more convenience. In an imaginative domain of fantastic holiday that was brimming with an aura of bliss, mystique and magic.

For this season, Holiday Campaign extends the colorful concept of hope, gratitude and peace by re-imagining popular charming Rainbow creations. Premium chrome tanned leather has been utilized to accentuate the synthesis of superb craftsmanship and stylish designs. Bold, psychedelic and fluorescent colors return to dazzle. Metal neon tones exuding abundance of passion and vivacity are infused into Dinky and Bowery bags. Eye-opening colors morph into graduating and overlapping layers of magnificence, emphasizing the trendy and engaging youthful touches.

The main attraction is Coach Creatures, where a bunch of innocent and playful gals mingle. The lineup includes Rexy, Unicorn, Sharky and Froggy, etc. Sweaters, key rings, coin cases, bookmarks and Christmas ornaments collectively enhance the dramatic setting. Experience childhood fun and simplicity, Holiday Campaign youthful happiness is coming soon.