GUERLAIN Aqua Allegoria @ The Fresh Fragrances Collection

GUERLAIN 2015 Fresh Franrances Collection is like any garden, the range is full of contrasts, with sweet floral bases lifted by sparkling citrus notes. They exude the sophistication of a delicate and lively sillage, which gains its full expression in the presence of exceptional raw materials. Every year since 1999, Guerlain has reinvented the timeless theme of freshness in this opus, designed as an ode to every facet of nature. Of the 32 Aqua Allegoria fragrances that have flowered over the years, four have become House classics: Pamplelune, fruity citrus: this energising and tangy fragrance combines the radiance of grapefruit with notes of bergamot, petitgrain and blackcurrant bud. The deliciously sensual base unfolds with patchouli and lingering notes of vanilla. Herba Fresca, aromatic green citrus: this invigorating and refreshing fragrance opens with green notes and Italian lemon. Notes of mint and green tea are then revealed, blending with the bouquet of lily-ofthe-valley and cyclamen.

Mandarine Basilic, aromatic citrus: this luminous and sparkling fragrance pairs mandarin and basil with a hint of aniseed. The explosion of freshness combines energising notes of green tea and orange blossom in a sillage of woody notes. Limon Verde, tropical green citrus: this botanical and exotic fragrance blends sparkling accents of lime and orange over a base accord of caipirinha, tropical green notes, fig and tonka bean. A new limited edition, composed by Thierry Wasser, joins these benchmark creations each spring.

Maison Yves Saint Laurent Founds Its New Home

Following the relocation of the Yves Saint Laurent's "Salons de Couture" and Paris Ateliers to the Hotel De Senecterre at 24 Rue de L'Universite in January 2014, Yves Saint Laurent will move to a new historic heritage site in the heart of the left bank : Penthemont Cistercian Abbey, at 37 Rude de Bellechasse in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. In 2018, after restoratio work, the Yves Saint Laurent head office and showrooms will move from 7 Avenue George V to 37 Rue de Bellechasse, in close proximity to the new Couture House. This 9180 sqm architectural complex, which dates back to 1671 and was mainly reworked during the 18th century, has evolved with history. Converted into barracks for the imperial and then royal guard after the revolution, 37 Rue de Bellechasse then became one of the head offices of the Ministry of Defence during the third republic.

The Abbe is currently used by the Ministry of French Amred Forces. With the Couture House townhouse at 24 Rude de L'universite and the 37 Rude de Bellechasse showrooms and new head ofice, Hedi Slimane and Yves Saint Laurent will have completed their strategy to historically anchor the house of the left bank by 2018. This anchoring is homage to the French House;s creators, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge, within the Rue Babylone and Rude Bonaprte Tradition. Built in 1688 by Thomas Gobert Architect to the King and transformed at the end of the 18th century, This 2100sqm townhouse is located in the heart of the left bank in the 7th arrrodissement of Paris. Hotel de Seneterre's restoration and French-style garden are currently being completed. The famous tailoring and Flou Ateliers of the couture house have been established here for a year.

Above the private rooms, Hedi Slimane has overseen ever details of the restoration work on Hotel de Senecterre, undertaken in 18th century French style, thanks to the effort, expertise and tradition of French craftsmen. Hedi Slimane has also assembled a collection of modernist pieces, from jean-Michel Frank to Paul-Ladon, From Rene Herbst to jean Dunand, and from Francis Jourdain to Elizabeth Eyre de Lanux. These 1930 pieces fit into an 18th century setting which includes a series of square back chairs belonging to the Duke of Penthievre and made by Jacob, destined for the private fitting room.There is a strong African inspired presence through a collection of Bamana initiation masks, as well as some modern furniture pieces by Pierre Legrain and Elizabeth Eyre de Lanux. Black or white pieces, including paintings and sculptures by Ad Reinhardt, Carl Andre, sol Lewitt and Daniel Buren complete the minimalist, modernist private rooms at 24 Rue de L'universite.

MCM x EKOCYCLE™ Collaboration Limited Collection

MCM pushes the stylish limits of more sustainable chic in a brave new collaboration with EKOCYCLE™, the forward-thinking lifestyle brand developed by will.i.am and The Coca-Cola Company. Sharing a mutual drive for innovation and invention with the German luxury accessories purveyor, we created a vision for graphic, eye-catching accessories crafted under production standards with a focus on sustainability. The EKOCYCLE™ initiative is a platform that captures The Coca-Cola Company’s and will.i.am’s vision of a world where waste becomes a resource to create new things. The EKOCYCLE™ initiative partners with lifestyle brands like MCM, to promote a more sustainable lifestyle through aspirational, yet attainable products made in part from recycled materials. The result is a series of luxurious, beautifully crafted backpacks, clutches, totes, small leather goods and tech accessories in iconic Ekocycle patterns of red, black, and white. Each product carries a content claim in form of a label with the equivalent number of assorted recycled containers. Made of recycled canvas material, each bag is made of at least 4 and up to 27 rPET containers depending on size. Inspired by luxury street aesthetics MCM initiated new production techniques for this special collection - luxurious details were directly printed in a two face design.

Designed for modern life on the go, the Backpack is an evolution of a quintessential MCM shape, now decked in brass studs arranged in graphic arrow motifs. Two unique sizes offer the perfect companion for any adventure. The Tote provides a luxurious, high-style day bag designed to fit contemporary needs. Printed in classic MCM Visetos pattern, the bag makes a statement with bold graphics. The tri-color Hip Sac presents both utility and style in a sleek, hands-free package, while the Clutch and Zip Wallet re-imagine everyday essentials in eye-popping colors and gorgeous texture.Together these pieces raise the bar on responsible style, proving that luxury and innovation are not mutually exclusive. They represent a dynamic rethinking of more sustainable fashion as we know it.



VALENTINO SS2015 MIME bag is the key push and one of the signature product. The Valentino MIME bag is the four underling prints of the RTW collection that are presented in the handbags category as a printed leather patchwork. Once the leather panels are printed with a digital technique, the four designs are combined together like a patchwork on the different bags.

This group is composed of 5 different practical styles that differ not only in shape but also in functions use. They are further distinguished by leather covered metal closures. The MIME bags are also presented in a modern colour blocking variation in the colours of prints.

Travels in Italy. The search for roots that tell a modern-day story without nostalgia. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli are inspired by the 18th century tradition of the Grand Tour, an educational trip taken by cultured young Europeans to explore the art, philosophy and traditions of Italy.

Retracing the different stages of the journey, the heart of which lies in Rome and in its vestiges of classicism, they come to understand its profound raison d’être: travel as a storyline and instrument of knowledge, a way to observe reality with a keen eye and recount it with a free mind.

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli layer universal fragments views and souvenirs, scarf prints and baroque blooms, classic ruins and seascapes, virginal purity and the sense of superb artisan craftsmanship and use them to compose an impalpable and personal language that describes the figure of a fragile yet strongly present woman. 

Travel as an accumulation of notes and memories suggests the spontaneous gesture of closing a bag with a scarf or tying amulets and souvenirs to sandal laces so that they will not get lost. Colors are combined like memories, some faded and others vivid: white, light pastels, linden green, baby blue, and vibrant notes of indigo blue, cinnamon, military green, and black.

KIEHL'S @ The New & Improved Dermatologist SolutionsTM Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++++

 Inspired by this insight, Kiehl’s now offers a more advanced solution to sun protection – introducing the new and improved Dermatologist SolutionsTM Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++++. This ultra-lightweight formula employs a unique blend of sunscreen filters that now extend protection beyond short UVA rays to provide enhanced protection against the equally harmful long UVA rays that are more abundant and penetrate deeper into the skin. Combined with the antioxidant power of Vitamin E, the formula helps protect against all three forms of skin damaging UV rays that reach the earth’s surface.

Montblanc “Love the Sea” Photo Competition

Montblanc invites ocean lovers to share their passion for the sea by joining the Montblanc “Love the Sea” Photo Competition. Montblanc took pride in presenting the Montblanc Collection Villeret Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco da Gama and the Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie ExoTourbillon Minute Chronograph Vasco Da Gama Limited Edition at SIHH 2015 as a tribute to the first seafarer who had successfully voyaged from Europe to India via the southern seaway around the southern tip of Africa. Vasco da Gama’s feat not only made Portugal fortify its predominance as a seafaring and trading nation but also connected people’s lives on both hemispheres for centuries, not only geographically but also commercially and culturally. Since the birth of time, the ocean has been one of the most glorified wonders to mankind. Apart from playing an important role in the development of human history, the ocean has never ceased to charm the humans with its beauty and power. In order to celebrate the magnificence of the ocean, Montblanc is delighted to announce the launch of the Montblanc “Love the Sea” Photo Competition on 1 April 2015, inviting ocean lovers to share their passion for the sea by uploading photos to the Montblanc Facebook for the opportunity of winning an extraordinary prize.

To enter:

1.“Like” the Montblanc Facebook page www.facebook.com/montblanc

2. Upload the entry to the contestant’s own Facebook page 
(privacy setting must be set to “Public”).

3. Add the hashtag #montblanclovethesea in the photo caption.

4. The winner of each round will be the contestant whose entry has obtained the most “likes” on Montblanc Facebook page by 11:59pm on the final day of that particular round. Any “like” on any other pages (such as the participant’s personal page) will not be taken into account.

5. Montblanc will announce the winner on the Montblanc Facebook page on the next working day after the end of each round. Winners will be further informed on the details of prize collection.
6. In case of disputes, Montblanc reserves the rights of final decision.

Deadline of first-round competition: 14 April 2015
Deadline of second-round competition: 28 April 2015

A Montblanc leather business cardholder for the winner of each round


La Cuisine @ A Hidden French Gastronomy in Koh Samui Thailand

We love Chefs with character, especially when it comes to their unique culinary skills with no boundaries, who runs and rules the kitchen all by themselves. Not only with such personalities that could surprise you in their menu creation and opens seasonally as well as by appointment only, such rare finds can only be found mainly by words of mouth's recognition. mylifestylenews was invited to meet the modest French Chef, Jerome Coldefy who founded La Cuisine, a hidden gem nestled in the other part of the world - Koh Samui, Thailand. Off the beaten tracks, this Le Petit Francias Restaurante may not offer you any silver service or Gueridon service, yet, let the gastronomy of Chef Coldefy mesmerize your palette by his traditional French creation. As ever, do not judge the book by its cover and be prepared to expect the unexpected, surprises always awaits......

How and when was La Cuisine started?
I opened La Cuisine in 2011 on the 4th of August, three months later, we had a major renovation and I did myself with the help of a  Burmese man. My wife and I had changed every thing in this house, we broke the walls, created a kitchen, had a few new painting. It took a lot of hard work to make this work.

What kind of French inspired cooking/cuisine in La Cuisine?
My styled of cooking can be described as “bistronomique“ - a mix of gastronomic but without the “ tralala “ of the starred restaurants.

How is it different from the traditional cooking/Bistro style?
You can understand the idea of La Cuisine cooking concept in “bistronomie“ - high cooking with fine ingredients and lovely selection of French wines “crus“. The same kind of dishes you can find in a starred restaurant but with a simple atmosphere, we can compare to an “ auberge “ in France.

How do you see Taling Ngam a potential for a French dining?
What I was looking for is a typical and traditional village far away from the touristy areas where our’s guests can appreciate the true charm of Thailand especially in this small Thai fisherman village.

What’s your marketing plan for La Cuisine?
We would like to offer something that do not exist in Koh Samui with an unique experience of Luxury, Gastronomy, Culture, a place where my guests can spend time with very good food, French Wines as well as the spirit of Thailand, an cultural chat, in a very quiet environment with something more “ exotic “ than a gastronomic dinner by the beach on the Siamese gulf.

La Cuisine serves up to 12 guests maximum for one evening, how does that work?
I accept only 3 to 4 table a night and around 12 guests because I want them to enjoy a unique experience because I do every thing myself with only one assistant. My cost are nearly only the price of the ingredients of my food.

What are the challenges running La Cuisine?
18 hours of work everyday, not hesitate to have your hands “ in the engine “ and a lot of passion dedicated for the job and of course a lot of love to our guests.

How and where do you get your supply from?
I have a lot of suppliers as all my ingredients mainly comes from oversea. France for sure is my first food origin, small farms in Lot department for the foie gras, the ceps mushroom and black winter truffles. The cod fish and monkfish from north Atlantic sea and scallops from north sea near Brittany. The Angus beef and sweetbread are from Australia or New Zealand. It is really a daily task to be abe to purchase gourmet food in Koh Samui and sometimes it is important for not being hesitated to tell your guests “ Sorry today this dish is not available “ if you cannot obtained the perfect ingredient.

Do you incorporate local ingredients in your cooking or just solely traditional French?
I do and I have, when I find some fresh vegetable from Thai North organic farms , but 95% are imported.

La Cuisine also a one-man-show in the kitchen, what’s your concept of kitchen management? What is your ideal amount of people in the kitchen to run La Cuisine?
My restaurant is very small and I want to keep it very quiet as my guests can have a very unique experience. So, in the kitchen it is a one-man-show with 2 assistants who help me and prepare the ingredients and materials exactly at the second when I need them.

How long have you been as a chef?
I do not know if I am a “real chef “ I am a passionate men who want to share my passion with my guests. All my life I had cook for my family, friends and customers and had learn a lot from starred Chefs in France.

What were you before working as a chef? Tell us a little of your background?
I was a marketing manager and vice president in sales in a small packaging company.

What does La Cuisine like to achieve?
La Cuisine is a place at the crossroad of gastronomy, arts, and passionate people; a rendez vous  with guests from everywhere around the world who want to share some very unique experience.

How compatible is La Cuisine in comparison with the hotel’s restaurant in term of selection and price?
At La Cuisine the menu is very small, 5 starters, 6 main courses and 5 desserts. In terms of price, since everything is imported and very carefully selected. Quality is the key and our price can as as competitive as 5 stars resorts' restaurants.

What would you like to achieve as a chef?
My dream is to open La Cuisine in different part of Asia and to have more opportunities to meet with amazing people to share my passion in the arts way of life.

What are the ingredients you use most of the time and what’s you use less? Why?
I do not have this problem, my menu is small and I focus on each individual dishes at its best.

Foie gras mi-cuit
(Goose Liver Pate)

Fricassee d’escargots aux morilles 
(snail fricassee with morrels)
Brouillade aux truffes noires d’hiver 
(Scrambel eggs with black winter truffles)

Dos de cabillaud sauce au caviar sevruga 
(Back cod fillet with sevruga caviar sauce)
Fillet d’Angus marbre 9 sauce aux cepes 
(Angus fillet marbling 9 cep mushrooms sauce)

Special sorbet macarons et French pastries 

What do you see in the nouvelle cuisine/molecular cuisine?
For me, the "nouvelle cuisine" was created in the fifties and sixties by some monument of the French gastronomy Fernand Point , Paul Boccuse, Michel Guerard, brothers Trois Gros Alain sanderens and orchestrate by Gault ant Millaud the 2 french Gastronomic food critics. Molecular cuisine is an over way, it is only flavours not a real dinner. It is very interesting but for me not a sharing experience, perhaps I can compare this to an amazing painting exhibition where the feeling is impossible to share. Adria Ferran is an artist but in molecular cuisine you have a lot of mountebank playing with smoke foam and gelatin.

Do you have a mentor to look up to? Why? 
I I love the food of Jean Francois Piege (my foie gras is inspired by him), Regis Marcon, Michel Bras, Robuchon, and “ les Meres lyonnaises.

What would be possible be if you are no longer a chef?
Venturing something in arts and something with passion where you can meet people

Do you cook when you are not at work?
Less and less, since I work a lot so I do not have a lot of time for me and my beloved wife, and our family.

What do you normally cook off work?
Something very simple as pasta with butter emmental cheese and a slice of ham and I also love to go out and try some lovely restaurants.

What is your ideal meal should have? Why?
The most important is to have lovely friends around to share the food. For me eating is the perfect time to exchange views and meet new friends.

What is your regular comfort food? Why?
My regular comfort food is to a very light Chang beer and since I quit smoking, I had put on weight. So in the next few months, food will not be a pleasure but just a reasonable diet.
What kind of food do you normally go for when you are out dining?
For sure French food as I am not a very open to others but I also love Italian food and some Spanish  and Moroccan dishes.

What is your favorite possession?
The love of my wife and children and our’s paintings

What is you ideal way of a living lifestyle?
Meet people, build my dreams and share them with my beloved wife, Florence.

Baan Taling Ngan
Taling Ngam
Ko Samui Thailand
 +66 82 286 7502 


Hermes Men @ A flâneur is as a flâneur does

Hermes Men SS2015 ready-to-wear themed <a flaneur is as a flaneur does>...In his wanderings, his random discoeveries of the city, he reveals the SS2015 Hermes Mens's ready-to-wear collection designed by Verronique Nichanian. A series of four shot films shot in paris which expresses its own surreal magic.

A flâneur is as a flâneur does and doesn’t care about twists and turns

A flâneur is as a flâneur does and avoids the straight and narrow


MARC JACOBS DAISY Sorbet editions with two irresistible seasonal scents in vivid floral shades. It is a succulent blend of sheer floral with a hint of fruit, it is lush and playfully fresh. The fragrance opens witha juicy blend of pear and passion fruit, as crisp jasmine brightens the floral muguet. Woody notes leave a warm dry down on the skin.

Pink grapefruit, Pear, Passion Fruit

Wisteria, Jasmine Petals, Muguet

Violet Wood, Cedarwood, Sheer Musk

Richard Herpin

The DAISY Eau So Fresh Marc Jacobs Sobert Edition evokes happiness with a sweet blend of fruity florals. The fragrance sparkles with effervescent notes of juicy mandarin and apple blossom. Fresh magnolia and wet violet bloom as they mingle with creamy woods to leave a lingering dry down.

Juicy Mandarin, Apple Blossom, Lotus Flower

Magnolia, Jasmine, Wet Violet

Soft, Creamy Wood, Musk

Richard Herpin

fFLAT5 Chapter Two On-Ear Collection

fFLAT5 has partnered with Furukawa Electric, a celebrated name in premium audio industry, co-invented the revolutionary speaker driver technology MCPET (Microcellular Formed Polyethylene Terephthalate) for its entire line of fFLAT5 headphone collections. MCPET contains ultra-small microcell with a size below 5 microns and has gone through customized technical processing to realize perfect and lasting sound performance. MCPET excels competitive speaker diaphragm materials with extraordinary density and vibration elasticity to achieve original sound reproduction. Being heat-proof and humidity-proof, MCPET further prevents signal lost or sound distortion in various environments. With this revolutionary patent technology, the fFLAT5 headphone collections are designed to deliver perfect and lasting sound performance. In addition, fFLAT5 applies Furukawa OFC (oxygen free copper) premium-grade cable to wind up speaker driver coil for securing perfect diaphragm movement in order to provide better acoustic detail for the most strikingly realistic sound reproduction.


Prada Opens First Store in Hanoi

Prada opens its first store in Hanoi, Vietnam in the heart of Hoan Kiem recently.The space, designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, covers a total area of 360 square metres on a single level and houses the women’s and men’s leather goods, accessories and footwear collections.

The store is strategically located in one of Hanoi’s historic buildings overlooking the renowned August Revolution Square. White stone pillars and a series of windows and light boxes inserted into black marble volumes set the rhythm of the external façade. The entrance overlooking the square is enhanced by a large canopy extending over it.

The interior comprises a succession of spaces, each featuring a different atmosphere. The area housing the women’s leather goods collection is defined by the signature black-and-white marble chequered flooring – a legacy of Prada’s identity worldwide and green fabric-clad walls with cut-in niches exalting the display of the products.

In the space dedicated to women’s small leather goods and accessories, black marble-clad walls create an elegant atmosphere. Polished steel display counters with drawers covered in coloured saffiano leather complete the furnishing. The area hosting women’s footwear is characterized by beige carpeting, green velvet sofas and walls with Prada’s iconic display niches. The space devoted to men features masculine materials and finishes: ebony floorboards and walls, dark brown carpeting and cotto-coloured leather sofas. Polished steel display cases and counters with drawers covered in coloured saffiano leather complete the setting.

AGATHA @ SS2015 Collection

AGATHA SS2015 Collectiom is the return of fine weather, hints of the East and tropical daydreams draw you into AGATHA’s sumptuous and joyful world. AGATHA celebrates brides with this delicate and romantically inspired collection. Mother of pearl, bright and smooth Miyuki pearls, pink gold and floral motifs take centre stage in this delightful and ultra-feminine line. This jewellery has a somewhat vintage and retro look, such as the keys (a symbol of true love) in pendant form to be worn close to the heart and a range of multi-rows chains necklaces and bracelets interlay with metallic leather and studs, offering a sense of contemporary elegance for the brides.

AGATHA’s design studio drew inspiration for this collection from Eastern fragrances and spices. Openwork cuff bracelets are central pieces in this new line, which renews popular themes of latticework and lucky charms full of symbolism, such as the hand of Fatima or the Eye, in a range of earrings and pendants. The collection’s two distinctive colours, emerald green and ultramarine, are combined respectively with the warmth of golden metal and the purity of silver.

Moroccan charm is showcased again in this line. It features latticework-inspired pendants and key rings, but this time with a 3D twist, and Eastern colours such as the many shades of blues inspired by the depth of Tuareg blue and kilim dyes, not to mention the orange red hues which bring to mind spices and traditional earthenware. The range also includes a variety of Eastern style earrings for a very feminine summer.