GAIA Group Presents The Blissful Harmony Mooncake Gift Set

Gaia Group Introduces the Blissful Harmony Mooncake Gift Set features a range six different traditional and innovative flavors. The traditional flavors include the Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake, with and without egg yolk. This classic filling is made of plump fresh lotus seeds that is seasoned with an exclusive recipe for a delicate balance of sweetness, while the egg yolk provides a boost of umami.  For something more savory to be indulged on the Assorted Nuts with Premium Chinese Ham Mooncake, featuring a combination of premium Chinese ham and assorted nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, melon seeds, sesame seeds and olive kernels. A standout amongst the creative flavors is the Salted Egg Yolk with Meat Floss Mooncake - an exclusive new flavor curated by Gaia Group Creative Ambassador Lokyi Lai. Using only the finest selected meat floss to be paired with the rich and fragrant salted egg yolk for a balanced savory profile, this mooncake truly elevates these ordinary ingredients to an extraordinary melt-in-the-mouth sensation. For the coffee-lovers, the Aromatic Roasted Coffee Mooncake uses exquisite coffee beans that are handpicked and perfectly roasted to create a rich aromatic fragrance. Last but not least is the Refreshing Lemon Cheese Mooncake. The perfect combination of refreshing lemon and creamy cheese creates a delightful tangy taste! A pleasant Western twist to the traditional mooncake for a brand new gastronomic experience.


GIORGIO ARMANI AW2033/23 Men's Advertising Campaign

GIORGIO Armani AW2033/23 Men's Advertising Campaign stars Scott Eastwood and was shot by Mert and Marcus (photographer duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott) and styled by Anna Dello Russo. The campaign features the actor Eastwood in a minimal film that alternates between colour and black-and-white. A man, whose strong personality emerges, is portrayed in an environment reduced to a pure geometric backdrop in which the sole scenic element is an armchair with a square structure. 

His direct gaze to the camera and the poses he adopts reinforce his sensual and mindful physicality. Clothes, accessories and glasses smoothly accompany body and gestures to express an elegant sobriety.


Giuseppe Zanotti Introduces The Cobras Gold Edition Sneaker

Giuseppe Zanotti introduces the latest version of the iconic sneaker: Cobras, Gold Edition which made its debut last year is shedding its skin this Fall to make way for a new streetstyle king. Like the original sneaker, the engineered, fantastical low-top features a 3D cobra that wraps around the body of the shoe, its head slyly sitting atop the toe. However, the exclusive new style goes one step further with the snake motif is coated in a sleek gold patina. A stark contrast against optical white or inky black leather, the gilded new tread transforms the sneaker into a kind of modern-day talisman: iconic, bold and invigorated with confidence and swagger. From its scaled and sculpted golden body to its eyes set with crystals to the gilded serpent pattern reappearing on the sole, the Cobras Gold Edition is akin to a phoenix rising to new heights.  “I have always been fascinated with the powerful symbolism of the snake,” says Giuseppe Zanotti. “For this special new edition, I wanted to evoke even more power—almost regal-like, long-standing and precious, a kind of unearthed ancient relic reimagined for today.”