Objets Hermès AW2022 Collection - mylifestylenews Top 10's Pick

The 90cm animal kingdom brings the diversity of its motifs and vivacity of its colours to these paper lanterns in geometric shapes, designed by Katie Scott.

The Kelly II Sellier bag sees its silhouette revisited and rewrites the rulebook with an asymmetrical recto-verso “en désordre” construction, switching up conventions and inventing a new equilibrium. An original new story that also includes the Bolide and Birkin bags.

The R.M.S line, featuring a suitcase with a new design by Katie Scott, welcomes a small holdall in canvas and leather: the R.M.S 12h bag. Thanks to its strap, this practical bag can be attached to the telescopic handle of the suitcase. Its construction also makes it possible to fold it down flat when empty, allowing it to be slipped inside.

The Épopée motif created by Jan Bajtlik lends its playful spirit and vivid colours to these hand-lacquered wooden boxes made especially for a child’s room. Of varying heights, the boxes can be stacked to form a totem.

This bandana version of the twilly doll features the Hermès-Paris Station design and two-tone striped trim.

A new iteration for the Bolide mini bag, complete with skateboard wheels. A veritable concentrate of leather craftsmanship, this fun and offbeat, yet very practical, version comes in multiple colour schemes.

The emblematic Cape Cod welcomes a new dial with a unique aesthetic, the fruit of an innovative process developed in collaboration with the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology. The dial, a silicon wafer plate, is specially treated and inlaid with gold to reveal the blue-tinged nuances of the Crépuscule motif by designer and graphic artist Thanh-Phong Lê. Its intimate and refined appearance is underlined by a single or double tour band in navy blue calfskin.

Hand woven and inspired by Art Deco, the graphic composition decorating this cashmere cushion is inspired by an Hermès advertisement from the late 1920s.

These jewellery pieces are designed by Juana and Ddiddue Etcheberry, the first laureates of the Hermès fashion accessories contest, launched by the house in 2020 for the Festival de Hyères. They bring together leather and metal in a balanced geometry where elementary forms coexist. The bracelet is composed of a square leather cuff that seems to float between two metal circles. The torque combines a leather necklace and two golden rings, adorning the neck in a halo of soft, glowing light.
With its graphic shapes and its vivid colours, this design by Geoff McFetridge evokes the great American musicals. Seen from unexpected angles, silhouettes swirl, twirl, and tap dance on giant letters forming the name Gene Kelly.


TOMMY HILFIGER Introduces Fall 2022 “TH MONOGRAM” Collection

Tommy Hilfiger created a new monogram with celebrated British illustrator and graphic designer Fergus Purcell. Building on the Company’s history of collaborating with the most significant contemporary creatives, the monogram reimagines the TOMMY HILFIGER brand’s core DNA, and will appear for the first time in the Fall 2022 collection. The new design is the result of extensive research into the TOMMY HILFIGER archive. Purcell has created a bold reinterpretation of the motifs he discovered on iconic pieces from the brand’s design history. Created from an interlocking T and H, the monogram collides the classic with the new, bringing a new perspective to prep sensibility: as such, it is quintessentially TOMMY HILFIGER. “Since 1985, the ‘TH’ monogram has stood for authentic prep style, playfully reinvented for all,” says Tommy Hilfiger. “Fergus Purcell has been a truly inspiring collaborator. His elevated approach and connection to street culture is unique. It has been a joy to reinvent our monogram with him - for 2022 and beyond.” “What I love about the brand is that it’s high impact; very colourful, very confident and very immediate.” adds Fergus. “These were the inspirations that drove my design, and the desire to make something that was new and iconic but also felt as though it could have existed already. I’m very pleased with the results!” Purcell’s new motif has inspired Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2022 “TH Monogram” collection, which brings a forward-thinking spirit to East Coast heritage style across men’s, women’s and kidswear. Premium monogrammed pieces are offered in the brand’s signature Burgundy, Navy and Snow White. On puffers, accessories and unisex styles, the monogram is abstracted into an all-over pattern, whilst on the iconic Rocky Parker and across tailoring, it is depicted as a tonal lattice. Shifts in scale reflect the dynamic versatility of this new brand mark. Refined fabrication and detailing elevate the offering. Casualwear is crafted in premium wool and recycled yarns. Prep classics are filled with recycled down and feature intricate jacquard. Statement-placed embroidered monograms, leather paneling and metal-trim buttons embellish throughout. Just as the monogram, with its differently-sized letters, is perfectly imperfect, the collection is infused with unexpected aesthetic twists that disrupt the status quo. Each piece can be adjusted and layered to reflect an individual’s personal style. Silhouettes can be reworked and reimagined.


Tap Into The Current Zeitgeist 你喜歡不如我喜歡

Tap Into The Current Zeitgeist 

范畴众多比百足蜈蚣更多智爪的鬼才设计师JW Anderson从自家同名品牌开始已经吸纳了一众“懂的就会懂,明者明”的铁粉受落和爱戴。A先生的设计作品从来都不是凡夫俗子的那杯茶,正因如此,你对他的设计的不满可能无形地就造和成全了他的美满。脱离现实、怪诞、抽象、诙谐、有趣、异乎寻常的出众设计铁了A先生的心,成为了招牌创作元素,再加上每一季妙想天开的思维和主题,时而fanciful加点莫名玄妙,继而玩味青春和刻意地哗众取宠,intended兼larger than life的whimsical概念设计作品耐人寻味,既现代,又极具潮流触觉,要成为成为潮牌,比起吃生菜更易,绝对难不过。

获奖无数和才华洋溢的A先生同时并兼担任西班牙奢侈品牌LOEWE創意總監一职,为品牌吸纳了无数的新Z时代粉丝,更让品牌跨越性别和原创的 DNA,发挥宇宙无限的创作精神,近年更延申设计艺术家品和工艺,令品牌辨识度更多元化。懂得将现代科技和时尚结合,向digital world时尚方向前进,tap into the current zeitgeist,发掘時代精神,了解时尚新世代的需求,去改写流水式设计的程序,创下时尚和潮流的新纪元。如此独具慧眼的策略,既可以继续我有我疯癫,又可以让艺术和商业并存,你喜欢不如我喜欢。设计作品犹如给自己的情书,斐然的业绩更有目共睹,集团高层也没吐槽;在这轻易被foul出局的残酷时尚圈,也算是奇葩,荣誉冠冕不被卸下,龙椅宝座稳坐,仲有排玩!

再此,A先生一向颇受各大品牌青睐诚邀合作联乘,过往合作过的品牌无数,大众熟识和轻易入手的有 UNIQLO的延年联乘,俘虏了万千的“迷”,曾经也慰籍了多少少男少女心事,爱你演变成为了习惯,能以 affordable luxury 的途径将之据为己有,不用再在背后暗中洒泪。近日三度和MONCLER GENIUS项目的1 MONCLER JW ANDERSON 联乘名为《Dream In Color》系列,共同创作一个賞心悅目《缤纷的梦》,别注的系列透過鮮豔的色調,天真和近乎迷幻的圖案,去表達“樂觀逃避主義”的主題。在頗具實用性的廓形基礎上,A先生大膽運用鮮豔色彩渲染近乎原始的圖案元素如大小不一的噴繪波點、斑點和波浪線條,以印花或提花的形式呈現。套染技藝的運用帶來了不均勻的外觀效果,給予視覺和質感上的雙重刺激。

你不想玩        我也得玩
對比前作,全新單品款式較為低調卻依舊不失趣味,水洗棉及牛仔布結合MONCLER標誌性尼龍及高科技面料,使得黃、綠、淺藍、淺粉、電光藍、棕和珊瑚色的強度色彩皆呈現出一種精妙的朦朧感。材料表面的干燥處理令色彩愈發深邃濃郁,達成更理想效果。在著重圖案、色彩和質地的同時,更凸顯MONCLER的功能性、戶外DNA以及設計師“順應自然”的理念。飾有皮質條帶的充絨派克大衣、短款束腰夾克、拉鍊夾克、充絨背心、寬鬆套頭毛衣、運動衫、連帽衫和泰迪絨衛衣、充絨短裙和百慕大短褲,以及闊腿褲。超大體量的設計理念通過羽絨填充的方式實現於配飾之中,如充絨托特包和擁有填充細節的拖鞋。Chelsea Boots 高筒靴表面裝飾仿羊羔絨毛圈和鉤針編織帽則成為整體造型的點睛之筆。

穿著不受性別限制,想穿就穿,不为谁带来麻烦,明者明,就那么简单。無限的創造力結合现代风格的独特设计美学,打造出這一外秀於形又內秀於心,日常百搭又獨具一格,簡單清爽又別出心裁的系列作品。對比鮮明的多重元素混搭,糅合時尚與創新科研,相映成趣,通過輕巧活力的設計傳遞出朝氣蓬勃现代的男女青春氣息。至此,是否也开启了你对MONCLER的明目认知?加上A先生的玩味设计元素,至少也不再停留只限于其热卖的Puffer Jacket了吧!

VALENTINO FALL 2022 Advertising Campaign

“Wear it however you want.”

“I always think my work is to take a new picture of something that you know already,” says Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director of Maison Valentino. “I do it with new life and new shapes, so you view the landscape from my way of seeing.” Piccioli is talking about his Valentino Promenade Fall 2022 womenswear collection and Valentino After Club Fall 2022 menswear collection, and its accompanying campaign, titled “Portrait of a Generation”. The pieces take signatures from Valentino’s heritage and put them in fresh light: stripes and zebra prints, capes and blouses, prints and embroideries. “When Mr Valentino started designing, there were so many rules for how you wore clothes,” says Piccioli. “Now, fashion is about self-realisation. This collection is shifting Valentino to this new world, giving new meaning to the codes and values.” A floor-length dragon print silk shirt can be worn as a dress, a summer coat, “we don’t need to define it,” says Piccioli.

A cropped striped sweater is worn with a utilitarian jacket, mini-skirt and Valentino Garavani sneakers. An embroidered cape, minimal in cut but maximal in detail, is worn with a simple sweater, leather pants and Valentino Garavani VLogo Chain loafers. To capture the collection, portraits were taken on the street at Arnold Circus, East London. Furniture was used to give the sense of stooping, an urban tradition where items are left on the street for others to take.

Casting was about attitude, “not treating them as models but as humans,” says Piccioli. “We wanted to dress them the way they dress in their own life. It is about individuality and uniqueness, which connects to my work in Couture. It is about diversity and inclusivity. It is about community.”  At the heart of Arnold Circus is a raised garden, centred by a bandstand. The gardens are cared for and planted by volunteers from the community. Valentino has made a donation to the Friends of Arnold Circus for the shoot. “I love that the community takes care of the place,” says Piccioli. “It is an idea of a city that I like. You share something, you take care of something together.” The area reminds Piccioli of his hometown. 

“Roma is about all these layers of eras, people and cultures,” he says. “It is the harmony of what is different, in an effortless beauty that comes from all layers together in balance.” These are the layers that make up Piccioli’s work: the heritage, the new generation, his own point of view. “I like that these designs have a sense of freedom,” he says, “forgetting rules and going into the next chapter in a very free way.”


GAIA Group Presents The Blissful Harmony Mooncake Gift Set

Gaia Group Introduces the Blissful Harmony Mooncake Gift Set features a range six different traditional and innovative flavors. The traditional flavors include the Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake, with and without egg yolk. This classic filling is made of plump fresh lotus seeds that is seasoned with an exclusive recipe for a delicate balance of sweetness, while the egg yolk provides a boost of umami.  For something more savory to be indulged on the Assorted Nuts with Premium Chinese Ham Mooncake, featuring a combination of premium Chinese ham and assorted nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, melon seeds, sesame seeds and olive kernels. A standout amongst the creative flavors is the Salted Egg Yolk with Meat Floss Mooncake - an exclusive new flavor curated by Gaia Group Creative Ambassador Lokyi Lai. Using only the finest selected meat floss to be paired with the rich and fragrant salted egg yolk for a balanced savory profile, this mooncake truly elevates these ordinary ingredients to an extraordinary melt-in-the-mouth sensation. For the coffee-lovers, the Aromatic Roasted Coffee Mooncake uses exquisite coffee beans that are handpicked and perfectly roasted to create a rich aromatic fragrance. Last but not least is the Refreshing Lemon Cheese Mooncake. The perfect combination of refreshing lemon and creamy cheese creates a delightful tangy taste! A pleasant Western twist to the traditional mooncake for a brand new gastronomic experience.


GIORGIO ARMANI AW2033/23 Men's Advertising Campaign

GIORGIO Armani AW2033/23 Men's Advertising Campaign stars Scott Eastwood and was shot by Mert and Marcus (photographer duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott) and styled by Anna Dello Russo. The campaign features the actor Eastwood in a minimal film that alternates between colour and black-and-white. A man, whose strong personality emerges, is portrayed in an environment reduced to a pure geometric backdrop in which the sole scenic element is an armchair with a square structure. 

His direct gaze to the camera and the poses he adopts reinforce his sensual and mindful physicality. Clothes, accessories and glasses smoothly accompany body and gestures to express an elegant sobriety.


Giuseppe Zanotti Introduces The Cobras Gold Edition Sneaker

Giuseppe Zanotti introduces the latest version of the iconic sneaker: Cobras, Gold Edition which made its debut last year is shedding its skin this Fall to make way for a new streetstyle king. Like the original sneaker, the engineered, fantastical low-top features a 3D cobra that wraps around the body of the shoe, its head slyly sitting atop the toe. However, the exclusive new style goes one step further with the snake motif is coated in a sleek gold patina. A stark contrast against optical white or inky black leather, the gilded new tread transforms the sneaker into a kind of modern-day talisman: iconic, bold and invigorated with confidence and swagger. From its scaled and sculpted golden body to its eyes set with crystals to the gilded serpent pattern reappearing on the sole, the Cobras Gold Edition is akin to a phoenix rising to new heights.  “I have always been fascinated with the powerful symbolism of the snake,” says Giuseppe Zanotti. “For this special new edition, I wanted to evoke even more power—almost regal-like, long-standing and precious, a kind of unearthed ancient relic reimagined for today.”


Dior Fall 2022 Advertising Campaign

Dior Fall 2022 advertising campaign reflects a renewed sense of self-affirmation, highlighting a powerful, multiform femininity. It pays homage to the fascinating figures who contributed to Monsieur Dior’s success, from sister Catherine to muse Mizza Bricard and loyal collaborator Marguerite Carré. With her Dior Fall 2022 line, Maria Grazia Chiuri initiated a dialogue between the history of Dior and the contemporary world, which has now been brought to life through group portraits shot by Alice Mann.

The emblematic Dior family burlap bags have been transformed into a symbol of sisterhood – in keeping with a major inspiration for the line, namely uniforms – with the motto “L'union fait la force” (“Strength through unity”) adorning skirts and jackets, alongside the iconic Dior Book Tote. The daring looks come alive for the South African artist’s lens, expressing fundamental values such as togetherness and sharing. The final surprises are the unmissable Lady D-Joy, Lady Dior, Dior Vibe and Diorcamp, all of which are the quintessence of Dior style. These images are imbued with a collective force that celebrates the heritage, vision and inventiveness of the house of Dior.