Objets Hermès AW2022 Collection - mylifestylenews Top 10's Pick

The 90cm animal kingdom brings the diversity of its motifs and vivacity of its colours to these paper lanterns in geometric shapes, designed by Katie Scott.

The Kelly II Sellier bag sees its silhouette revisited and rewrites the rulebook with an asymmetrical recto-verso “en désordre” construction, switching up conventions and inventing a new equilibrium. An original new story that also includes the Bolide and Birkin bags.

The R.M.S line, featuring a suitcase with a new design by Katie Scott, welcomes a small holdall in canvas and leather: the R.M.S 12h bag. Thanks to its strap, this practical bag can be attached to the telescopic handle of the suitcase. Its construction also makes it possible to fold it down flat when empty, allowing it to be slipped inside.

The Épopée motif created by Jan Bajtlik lends its playful spirit and vivid colours to these hand-lacquered wooden boxes made especially for a child’s room. Of varying heights, the boxes can be stacked to form a totem.

This bandana version of the twilly doll features the Hermès-Paris Station design and two-tone striped trim.

A new iteration for the Bolide mini bag, complete with skateboard wheels. A veritable concentrate of leather craftsmanship, this fun and offbeat, yet very practical, version comes in multiple colour schemes.

The emblematic Cape Cod welcomes a new dial with a unique aesthetic, the fruit of an innovative process developed in collaboration with the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology. The dial, a silicon wafer plate, is specially treated and inlaid with gold to reveal the blue-tinged nuances of the Crépuscule motif by designer and graphic artist Thanh-Phong Lê. Its intimate and refined appearance is underlined by a single or double tour band in navy blue calfskin.

Hand woven and inspired by Art Deco, the graphic composition decorating this cashmere cushion is inspired by an Hermès advertisement from the late 1920s.

These jewellery pieces are designed by Juana and Ddiddue Etcheberry, the first laureates of the Hermès fashion accessories contest, launched by the house in 2020 for the Festival de Hyères. They bring together leather and metal in a balanced geometry where elementary forms coexist. The bracelet is composed of a square leather cuff that seems to float between two metal circles. The torque combines a leather necklace and two golden rings, adorning the neck in a halo of soft, glowing light.
With its graphic shapes and its vivid colours, this design by Geoff McFetridge evokes the great American musicals. Seen from unexpected angles, silhouettes swirl, twirl, and tap dance on giant letters forming the name Gene Kelly.

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