TATRAS x RIOT HILL AW2020 Runway Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

TATRAS x RIOT HILL AW2020 Runway Collection set to clash quality with contemporary culture.

Held in Palais de Tokyo Paris, TATRAS revealed its new AW2020 collection in collaboration with RIOT HILL. RIOT HILL’s labels founder and designer Jordan Fresher lends his artistic vision to Tatras's technical innovation.

Fresher draws design cues from Swiss military uniforms and modern Japanese architecture with the intent to produce a functional collection of industrial and utilitarian inspired items including Goose down jackets, US and Japanese Air Force Vests, Flight bomber jackets, Raw Japanese denim sets, Work-wear cargo pants and oversized ski jackets made with Italian cordura just to name a few.

Founded in 2006 By Masanaka Sakao - TATRAS first established awareness by proposing a new idea of modern luxury in the international market with a core focus on their now signature high end down jacket. According to Masanaka Sakao, creative director and founder of TATRAS: “I always find solace in collaborating with younger designers”.

“I saw a lot of myself in Jordan when we first met & felt obligated to help present him with a platform I never had access to”. Fresher states.

“I want to prove to the industry why I deserve to be here”.

This collaboration promises to deliver an immersive approach to design by blending elements of craftsmanship and a strict artistic vision.

RIOT HILL’s first runway show, in collaboration with TATRAS took place on January 16th 2020 at the iconic Palais de Tokyo, Saut du Loup, Paris. Designed by Jordan Fresher, featuring selected accessories manufactured by Atomic Mission Gear and shoe soles supplied by Vibram.

TATRAS continues to consistently dedicate themselves towards developing new design solutions while still presenting a modern contemporary look characterised by high performance technical fabrics.


NEHERA AW2020 Runway Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

NEHERA AW2020 collection is a curious quest that opens the door to a forgotten functionalist studio of a distant relative. A kindred spirit and eccentric personality who left behind a sophisticated 40’s wardrobe.

The rediscovery unlocks a new perspective of rearranging pieces, ruffle up the old-worldly elegance, and disrupt traditions, only to revive the defiant spirit of the past in a new esthetic.

The New Collection befriends the unwanted and harnesses the impractical in an ode to regenerative design and environment. Old fabrics revive in new patterns, leftovers wake up in new styles. Nothing goes to waste, everything is transformed.

The Pattern is a paradoxical, loud, yet subtle, unruly, yet calm. The prints are digitalized motives of trees and smoke of a pyrography artwork made by local artisans. The inside and outside mingle, the concrete embraces the nature through forest-inspired prints and in accessories handbags that use tree branches for handles.

The Tailoring has shifted to explore more feminine direction. It is a nod to the history of Nehera that after streamlining the manufacturing of menswear tailoring, started the ready-made suiting for women in the late 1930s.

The Accessories are boisterous and timeless. Tailored bucket hats are a splendid combination of molded wool contrasting with sewn softer brims. Knotted scarf bags play with raw or polished wood handles. Temporary woven sock shoes and shoe covers rolled down sheer tights at the runway.

The Fabrics bring a novel take on comfort and fluidity in blown-up twill, overly brushed or laminated wool coating. The menswear feeling continues through the fabric, an array of glen plaid suiting patterns, while subtle lodes are used for experiments with volume.

The AW2020 collection upcycles materials from previous seasons to create exclusive patchwork styles in unique Shearling coats. The Palette represents a subtle dance of beige, ochre, pale grey and winter whites’ neutrals. Deep forest greens, teal and cobalt accents against more grounding burgundy, aubergine, and salmon.

NEHERA AW2020 collection is a journey of transformation and renewal that concludes in a harmonious balance between style and function.


Caudalie #GiftsThatGiveBack 2020 Christmas Pick

 Caudalie continues to advocate “Green Christmas” with #GiftsThatGiveBack – the eco-friendly grape holiday collection. Gift your loved ones more than a gift this Christmas! This year, to celebrate “Plastic-Free” holidays with greater gift packaging sustainability, all plastic window on the holiday sets are removed and the size of all gift boxes have been adjusted to avoid unnecessary packaging effectively. All festive gift packaging is also 100% recyclable, manufacturing with 100% FSC paper and 100% recycled & recyclable materials, printed with vegetable ink. To reduce carbon footprint, all holiday sets are made with sustainable manufacturing and transport process.

As the biggest European beauty contributor to “1% for The Planet”, more than 7 millions trees have been planted all around the world in the past 8 years. To give more than a gift, this Christmas for every purchase, 1% of the sales will be donated to “1% for The Planet” to plant trees worldwide, on average 1 tree will be planted while 5 Caudalie products sold, spreading the magic of Christmas to the heart of nature! At the same time as the pioneer of clean beauty, Caudalie continues adhering to four clean beauty commitments: no endocrine disruptors, no irritants, no animal-derived ingredients and no non-biodegradable ingredients. All products do not contain controversial ingredients in the market, including synthetic fragrance, parabens, silicon, alcohol, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, sodium lauryl sulfate, paraffin, phthalates or any animal-derived ingredients. Indulge your loved ones and yourself with the “Cosm-ethics” holiday gifts that are safe to use and suitable for the most sensitive skin!


CHUAN Restaurant - More Than Just A Bite of Innovative Chinese Cuisine

When the word CHUAN appears in any Chinese menu, it often occurs to us that hot and spicy food can’t be exempted and it automatically relates to Sichuan region’s dishes and delicacies. CHUAN also means creek or stream in Chinese and symbolizes wealth, calm, peaceful and harmony. CHUAN restaurant at the Palm Jumeirah Dubai will have your impression changed completely from your previous Chinese dining experiences with more sophistication of its classy and abundant flavour of Chinese gastronomy in a stunning design and décor ambience. mylifestylenews writes.

Tucked away on the tip of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, the new dining precinct of The Pointe is surrounded by the sea and has very easy access if you are driving to this recently most sought after dining destination in Dubai. On arrival you are instantly taken aback by the jaw-dropping view of the famous landmark Atlantis Resort and the largest dancing fountain light show in the UAE (if that is your thing) especially when you chose the al-fresco dining. What is more important is that you are even wowed by the incredible spacious and classy interiors that set the scene for sophistication on all counts.

CHUAN service team described it as casual dining, but that would be a bit of an understatement based on our observations. Traditional Chinese black and white paint brushed paintings of mountains and streams on the ceiling which are not over-powering and very striking in their simplicity yet majestically brighten and stately imposing a grand atmosphere at the spacious main dining area by a renowned Chinese artist.

Along with the most exquisite hand-painted mosaic-like wallpaper with images of peacocks, birds and butterflies harmoniously roaming and flying freely around the gorgeous peony flowers is simply something to admire. Such unique and delicate art pieces are rare and hard to come by adorned by the metallic water lily pad wall bracket lights that are enchanting.

You will also marvel at the stunning wall decorations and designer lighting features that punctuate each private dining room and set an individual mood for each one, with the overall furniture design akin to Armani Casa, creating a very chic and elegant look.

You must also ensure you check out the wine cellar with a glass floor featuring over 3000 selection of wines from carefully picked regions globally – this is situated in the stair well leading to the upper level where the main bar and lounge is located, also beautifully interior designed with a darker tone and mood that are set for relaxation along with its in-house DJ spinning the groovy lounge tracks one after another.

Upper level bar

Gorgeous lounge and bar in an chic and relax ambience

CHUAN restaurant has quite a charming design highlight in all aspect, the elegant tabletops and fine dining setting is very apt and did not disappoint. Even the specially designed roast Peking Duck oven is worth a visit, through the glass window, where you will be able to see your order is in good hands by their in-house master Peking Duck chef who looks after this infamous dish from preparation to table serving where the duck is skillfully sliced in front of you on a guéridon service trolley.

Glass floor wine cellar featuring over 3000 selection of wines from carefully picked regions globally

<Peking Duck Floss on Ragout with Foie Gras, Tangerine Jelly and
Organic Cauliflower Pickles>

While we were busy enjoying and admiring all the design details and elements, our amuse bouche arrived quietly. The Peking Duck floss was one mouthful of tasty high heat wok-fried ragout with a beautiful flavour from the ‘Qi’ of the wok, with some sour and spicy organic purple cauliflower morsels. The foie gras was divinely rich and unctuous with the tangerine jelly adding a tart citrus counterbalance. What a stunning surprise beginning to the Chinese culinary journey. Best accompanied with some champagne!

<Assorted Dim Sum - Truffle Chicken Xiao Long Bao, Shrimps & Chinese Cabbage Dumpling, Assorted Mushroom Dumpling> 

A beautifully executed trio – each couldn’t be more different from one another. The thin wrapping paste of the Xiao Long Bao was so delicate in the thickness and folds and the aromatic truffle top note prescient but not overpowering. The shrimps and Chinese cabbage was a textural change and so fresh and tasty and the mushroom dumpling was redolent of mushroom as it should and was to be enjoyed.

<Mushroom Fo Tiao Qiang> 

Assorted mushrooms - white & regular beech mushroom, abalone mushroom and shitake mushroom stewed in thick chicken broth. An inspiration from one of the Chinese most fragrant dishes – Fo Tiao Qiang (Buddha Jumped over the wall or Buddha’s temptation) with numerous precious ingredients used to offer its rich taste and nutritious value in a special manner of cooking that tempted even a Buddha who would jump over the wall to sample this delicacy. The Mushroom Fo Tiao Qiang was perfectly simmered to its rich flavour and light in texture. Quite a palatable dish!

<Kung Fu Beef Soup>

A clear consommé style of soup with Chinese herbs and steamed for six hours. Inspired from Kung Fu tea, the clear stock looks like tea but with a savory taste like soup in its unique style. The herb (Dang Gui) component was not too strong, allowing the beef consommé to be the key highlight. A fabulous combination!

Our Peking Duck order in the making

<Half Peking Duck>

Half the duck is ideal if you come in a small party to leave room to savor other delectable dishes in CHUAN restaurant and needs no further introduction for this dish that was created since the imperial era. CHUAN restaurant’s roast Peking Duck is superbly roasted and expertly thinly sliced with its glowing golden dark crisp skin and to be enjoyed by itself by being gently dipped into the refined caster sugar by sampling the melt-in-your-mouth effect delectable delight. It comes with all the usual accoutrements, but the julienne spring onions, cucumbers and carrots were most perfectly cut. There are additional sauces – sweet chili and chili soy bean (they are usually catered for those non Peking Duck enthusiasts who think they must have such accompaniments to complete their way of craving and enjoyment), authentic NOT!

But the dark sweet bean sauce is the most traditional and the perfect accompaniment. Just so you know that small amount of meat is served and eaten with the provided condiments and wrapped in a freshly steamed thin pancake. The meat was a little lacking in flavour on its own from its marinade yet still quite an enjoyable dish being CHUAN restaurant’s signature dish.

<Steamed Boston Lobster Tail with Egg>

If you love lobster, this is one of the many ways in Chinese cooking do best by retaining its taste of origin by bringing the freshest taste from the ingredients used. Incredibly fresh and not overly steamed, the tender and meaty lobster was beautifully cooked and deboned on a “sea” of steamed egg. This is a perfectly executed dish and not too heavy and CHUAN restaurant has got it right. A must order!

<Stew of Australian Beef with Green Asparagus and Tomato>

This dish is slow stewed for a minimum of seven hours and in order to dissolve the veins and let the meat fall apart easily - essentially a beef brisket, Inspired by another renown Chinese dish – DongPoRou, a chunky pork belly dish that shall consist equally of fat and lean meat, pan-fried then slow stewed for long hours. CHUAN restaurant’s version of stewed Australian Beef (Pork is not served here) has the fat partially melted for the mouthfeel being oily but not greasy.

<Wintermelon Soup with Fungus, Lilly Bulb and Beans>

A harmony palate cleanser with delicate flavours and provides a nice foil to the previously rich meat dishes. Simple yet delectable and most enjoyable!

<Fried Rice with Foie Gras, Truffle, Asparagus and Eggs>

Expertly cooked and you can see that every rice grain is separated and glossy wok-fried yet not oily which required years of experience to master. The foie gras and truffle were poignant, but not too strong and topped with Japanese fish flakes. Overall a triumph and all time favorite as well as a quintessential dish in Chinese cuisine.

<Deep Fried Camel Milk>

Dessert could not be left without consideration and we noted they have one of our favourites. This definitely hit the mark with a light, non-oily batter that was super crispy and thin. Plus there was just the right creamy milk centre and was quickly enjoyed – it must be eaten hot. If you like Spanish Churros, Chinese deep fried milk will delight your wonder.

 <Double-Boiled Sterculia Lychnophora, Honeylocust>

Don’t let this tongue twisting name stop you from ordering this home flavour of the Chinese dessert that is served hot for its sweet and pleasant taste. Fungus, Goji berry, lily bulbs and other recuperate ingredients are used on this most homey dessert that is no stranger to any Chinese and believe to have the cooling effect especially when it is served in the summer. Simply delicious and heartwarming!

Overlooking the water fountain light show

Now while we had ordered more than we should, that is a very typical approach in a Chinese restaurant, as you want to get an overview of more than one or two dishes to see how the kitchen can create authentic flavours and consistency. Our expectations were exceeded well and we are overjoyed to find a truly authentic Chinese restaurant that has a chic and elegant dining atmosphere and a great dedicated menu that you can trust. The service is discreet and helpful and they make you feel very relaxed and comfortable, which is what you need for any occasion in our view especially our server Li Xian who has the know-how and finds her way to offer the most hospitable service. As the water fuses everything, so is CHUAN restaurant. Sit back and go with the flow. Nothing was too much to ask by enjoying an evening with heavenly culinary elevated Chinese cuisine. It is a bonus when this happens outside of China or Asia but in Dubai for more than just a bite of innovative Chinese cuisine.

Tried & Tested:

Location: 4.5/5

Design & Decor: 5/5

Food & Beverage: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Value For Money: 5/5

Experience: 5/5


CHUAN Restaurant

The Pointe (West)

The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 04 564 3888

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 

Petit h - Creation In Reverse

At the petit h workshops everything is done in reverse – or rather crossways.

An object is born of existing materials, the latter breathing life into the former.

At the crossroads of the house's know-how, craftsmen, artists and designers work hand in hand.

Their challenge is to take a new look at materials, to reinvent, innovate and create dreamlike and useful objects.