CHAUMET Precious Symbols 2020 Christmas Pick

Maison Chaumet reinterprets the age-old traditions of end-of-year celebrations this winter by showcasing its emblems with poetry and modernity. Echoing its 1907 arrival at 12 Vendôme and the singular codes that define the richness of its style, Chaumet presents 12 iconic symbols that have punctuated the Maison’s virtuoso 240-year history. Multiplying desires, aspirations and promises, each symbol is the bearer of a special wish, the meaning of which is reflected in Chaumet jewellery.

Symbols of love, emotion and power, the Maison’s creations have stood apart for 240 years through their use of emblems. From the number 12, to wheat, the tiara, the bee, or the column that rises in the centre of Place Vendome, these symbols of the most cherished wishes, make each Chaumet jewel a gift rich in meaning.

With their symbolic influence, Liens, Bee My Love, Laurier and Joséphine jewellery creations, along with Dandy and Laurier watches, represent invaluable treasures to offer and to discover.

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