Giordano Ladies SS2013 Boarding on The Orient Express for Oriental Minimalist Fashion

 Giordano ladies SS2013 collection lead you to board on the Orient Express, experience a foreign trip of cleanness and boldness. Both “yin-yang” ink mark of the Far East, Middle East constellation geometry, can be discovered on this Orient Train tour. The rooted Oriental elements defined the series of creative inspiration of Giordano ladies SS2013 collection. Implementing a simplicity of the brand identity, this spring, Giordano ladies emerged the rich Oriental cultural heritage of civilization along with the exquisite and mysterious mood of the various elements of Oriental life - Taoist philosophy, astronomy, astrology, “yin-yang” ; works of art, putting elements oforigami and lanterns into the creation, together with the well-cut and rigorous choice of materials, revealing a condensed true Minimal Trend with elegance and restrained oriental charm.
The <Ink smudges> inspired by modern Chinese ink smudges printing series, the black satin and dress accompanied by a blue and white blooming effect level instead of color, exquisite elegant with strong oriental elegance. The blank minimalist approach embellishes the simple black knit jacket and highlighted low-profile yet bold style of the brand. <Digital printing> is one of key design of this season. Along with the latest technique, the Oriental constellation landscape aligns with the impressive decorative art in Middle Eastern architectures. Implying an outstanding “better than original” approach, to reflect the wonderful side of the regular pattern in nature.
The <Naturalness> implies the natural advocating Heaven in the Taoist inaction spirit into clothing, creating an outstanding fashion philosophy. Giordano ladies fashion means far more than a product, but allowing a thoughtful charm attitude towards life, and integration into the art of living. The colours of the Naturalness series subdued pastel color, to create a poetic mood; to pursue virtual and reality along with "yin - tang" design interpretation, allowing people to experience the philosophy of the "Tao” naturally.
The <Metropolitan> subliming volume, draps and styling from the Middle Eastern Persian culture into the Metropolitan series. Using the practical simplicity to outline the bold and chic image of women. With black as the fundamental of design, Giordano ladies outstand the independent assertive qualities amongst modern women. The <Rleated Series> crimping pressure by special technology, the unique folds of fabric are shaped from the art of Chinese panterns and Japanese origami series. The three-dimensional effect sharpens the character of product itself, and expressed a distinct personality and attitude of the wearer. Brand philosophy also reveals in a conjuring shape dress style jacket by multi dressing method.