Inakaya Sakura Sake Dinner @ ‘In the Love of Japan 3.11’

Inakaya held a charity Sakua Dinner to raise fund in memory of the 3.11 events in Tohoku Japan two years ago. What shakes the earth strengthens our faith and it might have wrenched the soil but the love and unity performed by the people in Japan outplayed the hands of god and touched every heart in the world. The Sakura Dinner was paired with exclusively sought sake, to show that our love to this precious piece of land in Asia has never ceased, and whatever that happens our lives are still flourishing like the beauty of the sakura(cherry blossom). A 10% of the revenue of the Sakura Wine Dinner was donated by Iankaya to NPO Higashi no Shoku no Kai, to support those in affected areas who are still in need and care.
The remarkable night was also hosted an auction of two premium sakes exclusively imported from Yamagata Japanthe place where the world acclaimed sake is brewed, with the proceeds collected all donated to General incorporated association Higashi no Shoku no Kai . The two sakes are from Yamagata, the region where the world acclaimed Jyuyondai is brewed with the pristine natural resources especially the clear and unpolluted water.
The two breweries Kotobuki Toraya and Chiyokotobuki Toraya, with history dating back to 1696, have respectively produced Jukyugura Daiginjō-shu and Toranoko Junmai Daiginjō-shu, the former is the newest offering delicately made with more than 50% of rice and kojimalted ricemalt, while the latter is the most popular brew made with different kind of ricemalt. Inakaya Hong Kong is honored to present the two premium bottles which mark their debut. 
 Priced $1680 per person (subject to 10% service charge), the Eight-Course-Sakura-Dinner was a graceful and heart-warming fare infused with sakura elements.
Toro , Sea Cucumber’s Roe and Spring Vegetable 
Sakura Sea Bean , Fatty Tuna and Pen Shell Sashimi
Japanese  Appetizer Combination ( Bamboo Shot , Ark Shell with Miso , Broad Bean , Fish Roe with Seaweed , Shrimp with Caviar , Spring Vegetable Tempura , Lily Bulb’s Ball and Sakura Flower )
Simmered Bamboo Shot , Clam , Sea Bream Roe and Giant Butterbur 
Broiled Fat Greenling Fish with Toro
Grilled Wagyu Beef with Sesame 
Clay Pot Rice with Baby Squid , Miso Soup and Pickles
Sakura Mochi

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