We had high hope for such great international led casts by Colin Firth, Alan Rickman and Cameron Diaz and directed by the Coen brothers' but we saw not much of a spark by bringing out the best in anyone. It was a huge disappointment as this remade movie falls far short of its potential even as a lightweight  rom-com despite Firth commented on this movie is a comfort comedy. It wasn't even witty but absurd. The Pink Panther style opening was rather eye-catching but frothy. The mood wasn't so much vintage as instantly old-hat with an awful lots of talents being put to waste. With laugh-free scenes that don't actually going anywhere and neither as funny nor as clever as it should be, thanks to the re-wrote thin and lazy script by the Coen's brothers and plodding direction. It is better to save your bucks for something that worth spending for. 

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