FIJI Seriously Won 2013 Rugby Sevens Champion

FIJI won the consecutive champion and making a dramatic come back for the 2013 Hong Kong Sevens from a half time deficit 19-0 against Wales to a victory homecoming 26-19 wrapped the three days annual event. Nearly 40,000 crowds cheered for their own supporting teams seriously played from around the world. Like it or hate it, the results is final and beside the exciting game well played, the fun from the south stand with the most creative costumes was always another highlight of the 3 days event. We met the Panda, New Pan-AM Flight attendant, Cyclist, Wrestlers,The Pope, The Priests, The Monks, The Spanish Bull Fighters, The Sailors, Pilot, Tennis Players, Polices, FBI, The SWAT Team, Fireman, Chef, Ginger Bread Man, The Bean Men, Prisoner, the Arabs, Street Cleaners, Chinese Emperor, The Lady In Red, The Flammango Dancers, The Vikings, The Cave men, The Jockeys, The Angles, The Cupid, Bin Laden, Robin Hood, Batman, Superman, Super Girl, Super Heros and etc....Have you been spotted?!!
mylifestylenews reports live @ The South Stand.

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